September 15, 2013 


“Hi, I’m Isaiah. I don’t want to live where I am now — I want to live in a family. I would like parents who will play games with me, like UNO. I’m pretty good at board games. My favorite subjects at school are P.E. and computers. My least favorite is art.

“I like playing scatterball, kickball, volleyball, soccer and football. I like playing with Hot Wheels race cars and remote control vehicles, and I like to ride my bike.”

According to Isaiah’s caseworkers, he is “a pleaser” who wants so much to be liked. When he’s with patient people who are willing to adapt to him, rather than the other way around, he is friendly and lovable. When he is frustrated, he needs calm, centered caregivers who do not keep behavior scores.

Challenged by attention and cognitive delays, Isaiah has to work extra hard to adjust to changes or distractions. With a lot of positive feedback and increased levels of structure Isaiah could feel a greater sense of being in sync with his world. His enthusiasm for sports and competition would be a shoe-in for someone who has coached or counseled children who have difficulty ordering or managing their environment.

Isaiah does not usually pick up on nonverbal cues. Clear explanations and patience work wonders with this likeable boy.

Isaiah’s adoption team is looking for a two-parent family that’s physically active. Other same-age or older boys would be OK.

In addition, his family will need to either be familiar with attachment issues or willing to learn uncommon strategies. Medication management and access to counseling as well as educational and community supports will ensure that he maximizes opportunities for success.

To find out more about Isaiah, email the Idaho CareLine (please include your city AND zip code) or call 1-800-926-2588. In Idaho you can dial 2-1-1. You may be asked to provide this reference number: 30330.

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