Book review: Veteran finds love in small town

September 15, 2013 

  • ‘A TIME FOR HOME’ by Alexis Morgan (Pacific Northwest); Signet ($7.99)

Nick Jenkins is back from Afghanistan, recuperating from a bombing that killed his best friend, Spencer, and left several in the group injured. He came cross-country to the Pacific Northwest to get away from his hovering parents with the intent of bringing Mooch, Spencer’s dog, to Callie and then moving on. Yet as soon as he spends some time here, he is not sure he wants to leave.

Callie was Spencer’s best friend. She is between jobs, staying in Snowberry Creek and making some decisions about Spencer’s Victorian home, which he left her. She wants to honor his memory and is thinking about turning it into a bed and breakfast. While Nick makes some decisions of his own, he helps Callie get the place ready.

As they work on the house, get closer emotionally and let another wounded friend, Leif, stay, there is added danger. Someone is stalking the grounds, causing problems, and Nick is determined to protect Callie.

My take: What an emotionally charged story about survivor’s guilt and finding a place to call home. This is an enjoyable small-town romance with a military hero that I thoroughly enjoyed. The touching push and pull of the relationship is engaging and insightful. Nick is so worried that Callie was Spencer’s girl, he backs away just as they start to get close.

I really love Alexis Morgan’s voice; she writes with such feeling and realism that you can truly understand what the two are going through as they heal emotionally, find love and remember their friend.

My rating: I highly recommend this book for those who want a romance with military heroes.

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