Letters to the editor-09-14-2013

September 14, 2013 

Thank You

A few thank you notes. First thanks to the Boise Department of Recreation and the Boise Little Theater for the great performance of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Great to see the budding actors. Also the same kudos to the Music Theater of Idaho for the fantastic performance of “Les Miserables.”

A special congratulations to Life’s Kitchen on its 10th anniversary. As volunteers there in the cafe, we see the wonderful work being done for the 16-to-20-year-olds in the program to help them to find their way successfully in life. If it was not a good program, we would have left long ago. Help support the program by having lunch there Tuesday to Friday or volunteering or donating.



Several months ago, I wrote a letter to each of Idaho’s congressmen, concerning the Veterans Affairs Department, and the woeful condition in general that America’s veterans encounter when applying for their just benefits. Since then, I have received two replies.

I took the time to write the letter, address the envelope, purchase a stamp and mail the letter myself. I have no staff nor do I have free mailing rights.

I can assure the two congressmen who could not take the very little time it takes to reply to a constituent’s concerns that I will remember that little fact when the next election comes around.



Food has been my life for the last 15 years, and then some. I want to pass on a couple of things I’ve learned.

There is a connection between people and food that extends beyond our daily routines. Food nourishes our mind, restores memories, comforts the sick and supports families.

The elderly and the young go without. But with a decent meal, their eyes widen, they smile, they talk, they listen. They feel better.

Most people in Idaho raised plants and animals and feed their families. We all try to continue to do so. But a young generation in my hometown look to advertisements and fads. They don’t know the pleasure in the process of cooking.

Good people from our communities, we know what to do. Our kids are willing. They will find worth and satisfaction in growing food, cooking and eating like we all know we should.


9/11 Coverage

I was appalled to see your newspaper of Sept. 11 with glaring lack of remembrance of 9/11 and all those who were killed on that tragic day. By comparison, read the Nampa paper, nice job there. You folks simply don’t get it. My question is are you collectively stupid or are you collectively arrogant?

I will never again purchase a paper or a product your company has any investment in.

I am shocked at your insensitivity and lack of patriotism and political prowess.

Sept. 11 was news then and it is still news today — it is an ongoing war that will not end by burying your head in the sand.

I feel for every family that lost someone. And for all those who died in response to the tragedy.

Nothing you can say or do after the fact will ever illuminate the stupendous shortsightedness of your staff this day.

I am ashamed that you represent our state’s capital city as a newspaper. We proud, patriotic Americans deserve better.



I wonder why there is a need for another molybdenum mine in Idaho. There is already a very large molybdenum mine in the Challis area that over the last 20 years has opened and closed as the economy has thrived then retreated. Provide support for the existing mine and leave the upper Boise River ecosystem alone.



I have people coming up to me and thanking me for my serving. I am a Vietnam combat veteran and wear a hat and shirt stating so. Not for self recognition, but to ask them for a favor. Favor being to have them, call/write their senators and house reps and ask them what they are doing to curb the Iraq and Afghanistan vets that are killing themselves in number of 18 a day.

You say you support our troops? Prove it. Get that phone and make that call. Sit down and write that letter. Yes I am pi--ed and I hope I can tick you off enough to call and write a letter. We have R and D corporate and special interest group “puppets” that are looking to start yet another war and they aren’t taking care of those that have been there and done that. Get involved. Save a vet.


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