Letters to the editor: 09-13-2013

September 13, 2013 

Teen unemployment

After reading Kevin G. Hall’s “Teen Unemployment” piece on Aug. 30, I wonder where is the outrage by the minority community against Mr. Obama’s policies?

African American/Hispanic teen employment at 19 percent and 26 percent respectively are beyond numbers from the Great Depression, Where is the outrage? Obama’s executive order, bypassing Congress, granting up to 4 million “Dreamers,” illegal children of lawbreaking border jumpers, work permits to take jobs away from teen citizens of the United States of America, where is the outrage?

Mr. Obama pushing for the Senate immigration bill adding 30 million illegal and legal immigrant workers in the next decade, where is the outrage?

It is unbelievable to me that the African-American and the Citizen/Legal Hispanic community stand by and allow their children to be pushed out of the job market with no push-back. Where is the outrage? Obamacare is already eliminating millions of full-time jobs, with benefits.

We are becoming a society of temp workers with multiple jobs and no benefits from Mr. Obama’s policies. Where is the outrage? As millions of you sit there with your 99 weeks of federal unemployment and your food stamps, when it runs out where is the outrage?


Lifelong learning

There is an array of enduring principles that should guide human beings who seek to live responsibly. One of those principles is that learning should be an endless pursuit. We are aware that there is a knowledge explosion in all areas of life as well as great technological advances, thus the challenge to grow mentally as well as physically and spiritually is necessary for personal survival and for civilization to advance.

Some people might assume that amassing college degrees will signal an end to learning, but such is really only the beginning. To ever think you have arrived is to begin to depart and smell of intellectual arrogance!

Searching for answers in this complex world of ideas, uncertainties and expanding knowledge makes life-long learning a vital principle in life. To stop learning is a departure from responsible living!


Red lights

I’m with Duane Holladay (Aug. 22 letter).

How about a cameraman at Fairview Avenue and Eagle Road — not to mention Eagle and Overland roads? Seven cars ran the red light there recently, and when I got the green light I couldn’t even cross the intersection because these red-light-left-turn-drivers blocked the intersection. We could supplement city budgets with not much effort and just regular patrolling at any intersection in this valley.


Tech jobs

Tech jobs require working Internet. A recent article described the efforts to recruit tech workers to Idaho. Meanwhile, at my home in the North End, the Internet is functional for an average of about six hours a day. There are parts of Africa that have more reliable service. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the infrastructure exists to support a high-tech community here.



Who are we to tell Syria they can’t use chemical weapons? According to my Internet searches, we dropped 8 million tons of napalm and sprayed over 20 million gallons of herbicides in Vietnam. We need to quit being the world’s policeman and clean up our own country first.


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