Letters to the editor-09-12-2013

September 12, 2013 

Syria Vote

To Idaho’s Congressional senators and representatives:

Civilization is founded upon the rule of law. The U.S. signed and ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention and has a responsibility as a member of the international community to uphold international law. In this case it is group freedom that is at stake. As a nation we need to take a stand, else Assad’s (or anyone else’s) individual liberty to use chemical weapons indiscriminately triumphs.

The idea of our country getting involved in the middle of Syria’s civil war does not seem wise. The U.S. attempting to influence a regime change in another country when we have no idea who or what would follow also leaves a bad taste. However, for our country to allow the use of chemical weapons to go unchallenged seems also unacceptable.

You, as members of Congress have dedicated your lives to serving the public good. That is a high calling that carries a responsibility to be loyal to your constituents but also to what is highest and best within your own souls.

This is a hard decision you have been called upon to make. Our prayers go with you.



Isn’t it interesting how a “community organizer” can’t even organize some allied support for this Syria debacle? Our allies know this president better than we do.

Not that our Constitution means anything to anybody these days, but where does it say we are supposed to be the world’s policeman and welfare office? It’s not our job to fix everyone else's problems, especially when we can’t even fix our own. At $17 trillion in the hole, this government is now borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. Between the U.N., foreign aid and the illegals, America is going under, trying to help everyone else. Why do so many continue to support this madness? We are burying our grandchildren before they ever start kindergarten.

We need to follow George Washington’s advice and stay out of foreign affairs,and anything else that doesn’t concern us. We've had this nasty habit for ages, of sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong. Obama promised in 2008 that it would “not be business as usual,” and he was right. It’s much worse. Of course, he promised a lot of things.

If it’s now somehow our duty to toss out dictators, let us begin with ours.

MIKE BRADBURY, Mountain Home

No solutions

It took six years for President Obama to finally paint himself into a corner. The issue is Syria and the recipient of the Nobel Peace prize can’t offer a cogent solution to the crisis in Syria or much of the Middle East. Perhaps the issue is that Obama believed that merely having elections in places like Egypt could solve deep seated problems decades in the making.

Obama has more than met his match in Vladimir Putin who has forced his hand in a way that the mainstream media never would.

In dealing with both Russia and the Middle East Obama never understood the old adage that nations neither have permanent friends nor permanent foes, just permanent interests. Obama attempted to define U.S. interests as getting other nations to like us. He also attempted to use U.S. foreign policy to pander to narrow U.S. interest groups, such as meeting gay rights groups in Russia to snub Putin — a move that surely has Putin quaking in his boots. At the end of the day, Obama’s Syrian policy, like so many other of Obama’s domestic policies (health care) reflects the shallow thinking of a man in over his head.



I think it’s pitiful that the No. 1 goal of the Republican Party is to deny people health care and that their tactic to achieve this is to deny citizens their ability to vote.

They’re so afraid of Obama looking good they’re taking us all down. Denying us a jobs bill does not prove that government doesn’t create jobs. It’s either ignorance or economic terrorism. Take your pick.

Even the Republican Party knows it needs to reach out to more voters since they’ve already alienated the Hispanic vote, the LGBT vote, the black vote, those supporting reproductive rights, teachers, sick people ... but just wait till all those undereducated white guys figure out they want to take their disability checks away. Maybe then they’ll finally admit that climate change is real and that moving the clocks is not what most would call an energy bill.


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