Treasure Valley Education Partnership sponsors contest aimed to get kids applying for college

Statesman staffSeptember 11, 2013 

Getting on the FAFSA wagon

Treasure Valley Education Partnership, looking to boost the number of high school seniors who apply for college financial aid, is sponsoring a contest to see which school can get the most applications.

Who is in the running?

For the first round, just four schools: Kuna, Meridian, Mountain Home and Nampa high schools. The school with the highest rate of students filling out the forms will win a prize at the end of this school year. The prize has not been selected.

What's the point?

Many schools have a low rate of students filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Among the four schools in this year's contest, the filing rates are between just 30 percent and 50 percent.

What should it be?

TVEP, a group working to improve education in Southwest Idaho, would like to see 70 percent of seniors complete the form.

What will be done to help kids?

TVEP plans to sponsor two nights a year at each of the schools to help with the forms.

Why only four schools?

This is the first project by TVEP since the organization began a couple of years ago. It follows the model of similar projects elsewhere that have tried to boost the filing rates.

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