Idaho Sen. Crapo responds to Obama's address on Syria

Statesman staffSeptember 10, 2013 


Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo issued the following statement Tuesday night after President Barack Obama’s address in which he said he had asked congressional leaders to postpone a vote on legislation he has been seeking to authorize the use of military force against Syria: “The United States should engage in military strikes against another nation only when our national security requires it, after other options have been ruled out,” Crapo said. “And, when our national security interests justify military action against another nation, the action should be carefully designed and effectively implemented to achieve our security related objectives. The national security interest necessary to justify this intervention has not yet been sufficiently shown. And the limited, narrow response being proposed is more likely to harm, rather than protect our security interests. “The prospect of a negotiated resolution of this matter has been raised, involving Syria agreeing to join the 189 nations of the world who have signed the Chemical Weapons Convention. Of course, we should pursue this option, but let’s not forget with whom we are dealing. Any such resolution must necessarily involve Syria disclosing all of its chemical weapons, immediately allowing their removal and destruction and allowing ongoing inspections to assure compliance. Such an agreement must be prompt, binding, verifiable and subject to predetermined sanctions for noncompliance.” Crapo added, “I will continue to engage in this debate in the Senate, review the intelligence material and listen to Idahoans before casting any vote on this matter.”

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