City filing deadline brings a few new names to elections

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanSeptember 6, 2013 

Unless a few names slipped by us, here's who’s running for city offices this year. The election takes place Nov. 5.




City Council, Seat 2: Ben Quintana (incumbent), Tyler Smith

Seat 4: T.J. Thomson (i), Jill G. Humble, Bill Jarocki

Seat 6: Maryanne Jordan (i), Paul Edmond Fortin, R. Bryce Petersen



City Council (two at-large seats): Jeff Kunz, Jeff Laughlin, Ronald Stancil “Stan” Ridgeway, Mark Pyper



Mayor: John Evans (i)

City Council (two at-large seats): Kathleen Simko (i), Jeff Souza (i), Elfreda Higgins



City Council (two at-large seats) 

Richard C. Cardoza (i), Warren Christensen, Pat Jones, K.C Maly

(Information from Ada County Elections)



City Council, Seat 2: Joe Borton, Patrick Malloy

Seat 4: Keith Bird (i), Russell Joki, Matthew Townsend

Seat 5 (new seat): Terry Benson, Jeff Hoseley, Michael V. Long, Genesis Milam, Ty Palmer, Drew Wahlin

Seat 6 (new seat): Luke Cavener, David Moberly, Curtis F. Munson, Shaun Wardle, Stephen Warren, Steven R. Yearsley



City Council, Seat 3: Gary D. Smith (i), Richard Locket

Seat 4: Tammy McDaniel (i),  Heidi Prigge, Ulysses Mori



Mayor: Garret Nancolas (i), Paul Alldredge

City Council Seat 1, Mike Pollard (i)

Seat 2: Dennis Callsen (i)

Seat 3 Rob Hopper (i)

Seat 6: Terrence Biggers (i)

Mayor: Tom Dale (i), Bob Henry, Robert Muse, Melissa Sue Robinson

City Council, Seat 1: Paul Raymond, Victor Rodriguez

Seat 3: Pam White (i)

Seat 5 (new seat): Randy Haverfield, Lance McGrath

Seat 6 (new seat): Jeff Kirkman, Bruce Skaug



City Council (two at-large seats):

Lenny John Riccio (i), Tyson Sparrow, Jim “Tank” Taylor, Rob Kiser, Frank McKeever, Brady Fuller

All elected city positions are nonpartisan.


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