Mexican nationals in Boise will be able to get a library card using matricula consular

Statesman staffSeptember 4, 2013 

What's a matricula consular?

It's a photo ID issued by the Mexican government that recognizes the holder is a Mexican national residing in the United States. It's important for conducting business and proving identification in cases of emergencies. Some banks accept it for opening accounts. Idaho does not accept it for obtaining a driver's license. It does not verify immigration status.

Why doesn't the library accept this already?

It hadn't come up, library Director Kevin Booe said. Library patrons need a photo ID and proof of address to get a card. Guillermo Ordorica, Boise's Mexican consul, asked Mayor Dave Bieter if Mexican nationals in Boise could get their library card using the ID. Booe said he went to the consulate and reviewed its requirements for issuing a matricula and determined they are robust enough to meet the library's requirements.

What happens next?

The library's board of trustees will discuss the matricula at its meeting Wednesday. Booe said this wouldn't be a policy change that needs a board vote, but he wants trustees to be aware that the library plans to accept the card. After that, he said, the library will begin training staff members on how to recognize the matricula.

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