Letters to the editor: 09-02-2013

September 2, 2013 

Dano Savino

The latest irrational political rant by Dano Savino on Aug. 25 must have many of your readers wondering when this bitter man will finally realize his hate-filled messages aren’t solving any of this nation’s problems.

There are legitimate reasons to complain about both of our political parties, but no rational person could actually believe the majority of Americans who twice elected President Obama are “communists” suffering from “mental illness.”

Mr. Savino should realize he is not winning support for his radical political views by continually searching the dictionary for nasty adjectives to describe President Obama and his supporters. I am fearful some intelligent Democrats may start cheering him on because the Republicans will never win back the White House with friends like Mr. Savino.


How dare Dano Savino call me a communist because I support our president! Does he really believe that nothing the president has proposed to help our country and the people, is workable? I believe every person in the U.S. is entitled to health care, a fair wage and safety in the streets, but we have to pay for it.

Mr. Savino, what have the conservatives (Republicans) done for you and me? What I’ve observed is “nothing” but to block any and almost everything the president has proposed. Do you really believe that the individuals we’ve put in office are looking out for our interests?

Has Savino ever gotten a straight answer from a congressman? I haven’t. Their responses to me have always been the same form letter they send to everyone and I’ll bet it’s signed by a machine. And, if he thinks big business isn’t taking care of their interests by lining the pockets of the people who are supposed to be looking out for our interests, think again. I personally think it’s time for the American people to take back our country. I’ve had enough of “those that have” telling the rest of us what’s best for us.


I don’t fault Dano Savino, he has a very narrow little mind, but your editorial staff has got to either be asleep at the wheel or hurting for letters to the editor to print his trash.

Come on, try to keep some sort of integrity in your letter, Dano. Most of the comments are littered with half-truths and innuendos. And, throwing that Communist word out there, that should make everyone just shake in their boots.

Give it a rest, we understand you have a twisted hate-filled mind.

To those of you brave souls that send out unsigned letters with no return addresses and loosely worded threats to anyone that doesn’t share your opinion, just remember how many people fought and died for our right to disagree with you. Plus, what you’re doing is illegal.

What’s with this bit about anyone with an opinion other than yours getting out of Idaho? How narrow-minded have we become? After all, this is supposed to be an opinion page and I would think that with the likes of Savino’s letters getting printed, that we could and should read what other people have to say that aren’t full of that kind of garbage.

ROB STRONG, New Meadows

Fire and brimstone flyin’ again. I’m not a Communist. I write our president and call the White House when I feel a need.

Watching both parties, I see the cuts the Republicans want to make are not necessary. They need to pass the jobs bills to repair the infrastructure. People have to make money so taxes can be paid. That’s what supports this country.

The Republicans made a pact not to let President Obama accomplish anything during his presidency. So they are holding this country hostage.

The housing market is up. When there was a Democratic majority, we bailed out the auto industry in Detroit. The president has tried to pass gun laws but the NRA has paid off the Republicans to vote against it.

The dogs running amok. We could feed them, but the Republicans wouldn’t let us. They don’t even want us to have Head Start for our children.

Obamacare is going to save lives and money. Do your research beyond Bachmann and Cruz.

What do you do for our country? Complain?

Thanks for this opportunity, Savino.



The proliferation of free roaming cats in this valley has reached epic proportions, and demands action by political and civic leaders.

Most of these cute little “kitties” are procured for children. Then, as they mature, they are turned out to fend for themselves. They become deadly predators killing 13 million songbirds, game birds and small mammals, including chipmunks. They also become breeding machines inflating the cat population countless times.

The following actions could remedy the situation:

1. Offer cat traps, at a modest charge, to interested persons.

2. Offer a bounty of $3-$5 to persons turning in a cat to the Humane Society.

Dog owners, for the most part, are responsible pet owners who treat their pet as a family member, and live under strict licensing and behavioral restrictions. Why should cat owners get a free ride as they inconvenience their neighbors?


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