Letters to the Editor, 09-01-2013

September 1, 2013 

Adler column

David Adler is correct in his article “Only Congress possesses power to authorize war.” (Idaho Statesman August 29).

If the United States does take military action against Syria, then Congress should exercise its constitutional role first.

Panaceas are not to be had; however, it is possible that had Congress correctly exercised its responsibilities before the Tonkin Gulf resolution and the Iraq resolution were passed and we had declarations of war, then the nation may have been truly united behind and committed to win those wars.

Conversely, had there been a debate on possible declarations of war, then maybe the Vietnam and Iraq wars would never have happened, but we’ll never know.

We do know what did happen: The two resolutions were passed authorizing President Johnson and President Bush to do what they believed necessary and the Congress free from real responsibility and equally free to kibitz on and pontificate about the actions both presidents took.

I urge every Idaho citizen to write Sens. Crapo and Risch, and either Congressman Labrador or Simpson to take the actions necessary to force the president to comply with the Constitution.


Common Core

Common Core is Idaho’s Communist Manifesto. Please watch video: www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rGph7QHzmo8. It verifies your child is now the property of the godless state.

The State Board of Education is an anti-moral agency that ensures all children join the ranks of the sexual lifestyles of death and disease, robbing them of innocence, beginning in the second grade.

Age-inappropriate topics may be presented to their innocent minds in justification through Common Core’s reading assignments.

America’s children are now the pawns of recruitment for all things evil. They are being crafted to be manipulative spokespeople for the anti-Christian agendas that are annihilating our constitutional rights.

Various brainwashing techniques will turn your David or Sarah into a little Obama — an Obamaite, using intrusive monitoring systems that terminate moral and just reasoning.

VAL LEE, Meridian

The reason so few parents know about Common Core State Standards is that it was developed by a non-profit called Achieve with little publicity outside the educational community.

Between 2008 and 2011 the Gates Foundation gave $35 million dollars to the Council of Chief States School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) to design the common core using Achieve guidelines.

As past president and current director of CCSSO, Superintendent Luna must be aware that states had minimal input to CCSS. It has never been a “state-led initiative” as presented by some proponents.

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education explains the who, what, and why of common core. http://chronicle.com/blogs/innovations/the-core-between-the-states/29511

The Pioneer Institute of Massachusetts released a study estimating the transition costs to the 45 states and D.C. to be $16 billion over seven years.

The worst thing about Common Core is that parents, teachers, and school officials were never given a chance to say whether they wanted it.

Most state legislators approved it with no idea how much it would cost. Just another federal mandate. But of course it is for the children, not.


CCA transparency

Contrary to the misleading sentiments of a Lewiston Tribune editorial (published Aug. 10, West Views), Corrections Corp. of America is fully committed to transparency, which is a critical part of our partnerships with government.

To clarify, a judge’s recent ruling on a protective order agreed with all of CCA’s assertions but reassured the media coalition that it will manage the order properly. Protective orders like this are routinely administered around the country to protect the safety and security of those involved.

In terms of the staffing case, CCA is taking all appropriate steps to correct the matter.

The fact is we discovered the issue, immediately reported it, conducted an internal investigation, have cooperated fully with the state’s investigation and have worked in good faith to correct the issue.

From the beginning, we committed to making taxpayers whole for any unverified hours.

The hours in question are only a fraction of total staffing requirements, and there was no apparent increase in violence or other security incidents during the reviewed period.

The safety of our staff, the inmates in our care and the communities where we operate is our top priority. We are committed to providing the state and taxpayers with the highest quality corrections service.

STEVE OWEN, senior director, public affairs, CCA, Nashville

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