Letters to the editor-08-31-2013

August 31, 2013 

Thank you ...

Our family would like to acknowledge all of those who helped to rally around our local ranching community, in effort to contain the Elk and Pony Complex fires. We owe a special thanks to our friends and neighbors, along with members of our local law enforcement, emergency response and county highway district; all of whom were quick to lend a helping hand. We also owe a large thanks to Idaho Power and their crews who worked tirelessly to restore power to our community.

Firefighters and hot shots from all agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service did a great job of combating these two large fires. These same agencies also allowed local landowners to offer their assistance and area-expertise, resulting in better fire management and containment. The ability to work together with one another was very beneficial and we appreciate the opportunity to be used as a resource.

RANDY DAVISON, L.G. Davison & Sons, Prairie

The Boise area is fortunate to have a resource available to them like the Idaho Humane Society in partnership with PetSmart. I recently adopted a wonderful elderly dog from their location at the Boise Towne Square and was amazed by the quality of customer service, the cleanliness of the facility and respectful manner they handle process.

Thank you to especially Dana and Michelle for your professional help connecting us with our new friend. And thanks to the progressive minds at both organizations who are making the appropriate decisions to find convenient and productive methods to match homeless pets with loving homes.

JOHN WATSON, Baker City, Ore.

I would like to thank the Idaho Statesman for all of the articles and columns that you guys print and post on your website. I especially like the article about the fires. I was up there with some friends just two weekends ago and there was about one-fourth, if not less, amount of people as there usually is up there during this time of year. We helped as many businesses as we could, but we wished we could have done more to help their economy because of the fires.

TJ EDWARDS, Meridian

On behalf of the Parma School District I would like to thank the patrons of our district for their approval of our Plant Facilities Levy at the August 27 election. The employees and students of our district are fortunate to work and live in such a supportive community that obviously values education and who are willing to accept the tax burden associated with that support. We will do our best to honor this support and strive to excel in our efforts to provide an excellent education to the students in our district.

JIM NORTON,District Superintendent, Parma

Kudos to St. Luke’s, Meridian.

No one wants to be in a hospital; however, if you are, St. Luke’s, Meridian is the place to be. If we could pick one word for the wonderful staff (in all areas) it would be “awesome.” My husband had occasion to be there twice (once in ER) this month. Compassionate, calm, friendly, helpful, and above all, amazing care and expertise. Special thanks to Drs. Gallafent, Wood and Johnson (ER) and the 6th floor staff and nurses Lauren, Carey and Marcy for the wonderful care given to my husband, Tom. Also, a special thank you to Dr. Peter Cohen and his nurse, Becky, at St. Luke’s Medical Clinic. We will both sing your praises to anyone who will listen.


‘Richard III’

Among the best productions ever at Idaho Shakespeare Festival is “Richard III,” closing today. Don’t miss it! If you ever thought the Idaho Legislature (or the U.S. Congress) was a problem, this is the play for you. The bodies of democracy are sometimes cumbersome and unmanageable, but they hold much more promise for civil obedience than the rule of a tyrant.

Maybe ISF should take their excellent production, with Lynn Berg playing the terrifying title character in a terrific performance, not to Cleveland in September, but rather to Syria, Egypt, Moscow, or Washington, D.C.? May we all continue to learn self-government. Cheers to the artists at ISF for holding the environmental mirror up to nature. And, by the way, making us appreciate what we have here at home.

DAVE SMITH, Meridian

Job market

I’m ticked off about the job market. Now, I find out some more info about why the U.S. job market is so crappy.

Recently, I was staying near one of our lovely Idaho resort towns and talked with a young lady who cashiered in the store. She could barely speak English! How did she get that job, I asked. She got the job through a sponsor program whereby young adults from Romania are brought over to the U.S. to work for the summer!

Hey, what the heck is this all about? Our young adults here in the U.S. need those jobs! Stop giving away our jobs to foreigners who can’t stay and become contributing U.S. citizens!


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