Your Business Community-08-31-2013

August 31, 2013 


John Grizzaffi, Jay Hawkins, George Juetten and Dr. Louis “Jim” Voulelisare are new directors of the Boise State University Foundation.

Officers include Joy M. Kealey, A.J. Balukoff, Linda Yanke and Jason M. Coronado. Re-elected directors are Balukoff, Kealey, Royanne Minskoff, Patricia Olsson, Allen Dykman, Dennis Fitzpatrick and Harvey Neef. Continuing directors are Mary Adcox, Hatch Barrett, Tom Beitia, Clint R. Bolinder, Suzi Boyle-Hummel, Greg Brown, Cherie Buckner-Webb, Jeffrey Casey, Mike Caven, Jim Crawford, Tom Dixon, Gary Fletcher, Ric Gale, George Iliff, James Kissler, Robert Maynard, Ann C. Nelson, Neil Nelson, Rob Perez, Bonnie Schwenkfelder, Brandy Stemmler, Dave Terrell, Ron Van Auker and Larry D. Williams. Emeriti and honorary directors are Candi Allphin, Noreen Davis, Roger Michener, Alicia Piccione and Paul Powell. Retiring directors are Rich Fedrizzi, Bill Glynn, Dean Klein, Rick Navarro, Debra Riedel, Sondra Juetten and Mark Rivers.

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