Defensive spotlight: Borah's Hawkins Mann

rroberts@idahostatesman.comAugust 30, 2013 

Borah's Hawkins Mann


To say that Hawkins Mann was born into football would be like sharing only half the story.

The truth is, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound senior was born to be a defensive lineman.

There is something about the position that speaks to his roots.

Mann's great great grandfather was a silver miner in northern Idaho. Corky Mann made his living working hard for little money and little recognition, knowing that the fruits of his labor paved the way for someone else's glory.

The profession easily translated to the football field, where Mann's grandfather, Vic, landed a spot on the defensive line for the University of Idaho.

Mann's father, Vince, followed the same road to Moscow, also starring on the defensive line.

That would explain why Hawkins Mann doesn't remember life without football.

"My dad was a coach and so was my grandpa, so my youngest memories were actually being at a football game on a Friday night," Hawkins said. "I was just a little fart running around."

Most of his summers were spent tagging along with his dad or grandfather, watching practices and trying to do drills with older players.

"It molded me and shaped me into who I am," Hawkins said.

Although Hawkins opted to give a verbal commitment to Boise State in June, he hasn't strayed far from the family tradition.

Hawkins will be a four-year starter on Borah's D-line.

"He's been schooled up in the football mentality, so he responds to criticism, he responds to learning experiences and he just tries to improve himself all the time," Borah coach Darren Corpus said. "He's been ahead of the game for a lot of years in that aspect."

Hawkins hopes to use those years of experience to help Borah return to relevance. The once dominant program last won a state championship in 1981.

He'll work toward that goal the only way he knows how.

"It's never been an issue for me wanting to get personal recognition. I enjoy being a part of the team playing down in the trenches," he said

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