Nampa police arrest local rapper in connection with string of burglaries

August 29, 2013 

— A Caldwell man police said is responsible for a string of burglaries was arrested early Thursday morning.

Police said a man spotted Benigno Rocha, 22, and three other men breaking into his car in the Lake Point subdivision. When he confronted them, Rocha and the other suspects jumped in their car and sped off.

The burglary victim followed the men in his own car. The chase reached high speeds before Rocha lost control of the car and slammed into a house on Smith Avenue and Midland Boulevard, Nampa Police Sgt. Tim Randall said.

Rocha, a local rapper who goes by the name “Big Happy,” was arrested at the scene. The three other men fled on foot before officers arrived.

Rocha has been charged with felony burglary and grand theft, and he is being held without bond in Canyon County Jail.

At least one of the suspects who escaped on foot was “significantly injured” in the wreck, Randall said. Police are checking local hospitals in the hopes that it will lead to the other men.

No one inside the house was injured, but the crash seriously damaged the home. When Rocha lost control of the car, he first crashed into the homeowner’s parked vehicle, sending both cars through a support wall, Randall said.

Officers recovered property from Rocha’s vehicle that they think was stolen from cars and garages in the Lake Point subdivision Wednesday night.

A purse that was taken from one victim’s car inside her garage has already been returned, Randall said. Police are hoping to hear from homeowners who are missing property in order to return the power tools, stereos, and other personal items that were recovered.

Randall advised people living in the area – especially those who left their garages open or unlocked – to check to make sure nothing is gone.

“It’s one of those things — you probably won’t know your weedwacker is gone until you go to mow your lawn,” he said.

Police also are asking for help in identifying or finding the three suspects who ran from the crash site. Anyone with information can call the Nampa Police Department at 465-2257 or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

Although one of the suspects was arrested after the resident alerted police and drove after the men, Randall said the department doesn't encourage citizens trying to chase down suspects by themselves.

“They just put themselves at risk driving like that, they put public at risk,” he said. “It’s not recommended.”

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