Statesman readers help build a map of Treasure Valley call centers

Statesman staffAugust 29, 2013 

We received more than 200 comments debating the value of call center jobs on our Aug. 20 articles at and

We asked readers of the Statesman and Business Insider magazine last week to help us fill out a map of call centers in the Treasure Valley, since there is no publicly available directory. You responded, allowing us to double the number of call centers on a web-based map. Click on any peg on the map and details about that call center will pop up.

You can still help. We have 16 call centers on the map now. There were 34 in 2012, according to the Idaho Department of Labor. We’re told there are more than 40 today.

Please email business reporter Zach Kyle at with the name or address of any call center not on the map and any other details you know, such as a phone number, companies or other entities served by the center, whether calls are inbound or outbound (or both), and the number of employees. We hope to create a comprehensive directory that could be a reference tool for anyone interested in local call centers, including potential job applicants.

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