Hot air balloon launch canceled because of weather

August 28, 2013 

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Rick Snow, right, Glenda Englund and Wilda Snow were prepared for a show Wednesday morning at Ann Morrison Park. But For only the fifth time in 22 years, balloons were not able to fly at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic because of rain. "We'll be back," says Snow. "It goes with the business."


— Those hoping to watch hot air balloons float over Ann Morrison Park were disappointed Wednesday morning.

Cloudy skies and light rain scuttled the first day of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

Pilots had expected to fly 15 balloons Wednesday. The grounded balloons will instead be added into other days of the event, which runs through Sept. 1.

Scott Spencer, balloon pilot and event director, said this is only the fifth time in 22 years that the launch had to be canceled for rain.

Boiseans will have another chance to see the balloons fly. Weather permitting, Thursday’s liftoff will begin in Ann Morrison Park at 7:10 a.m.

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