Boise claims No. 2 spot in safest drivers study

August 27, 2013 

At the top: Boise ranked ahead of 198 cities in a report on cities with the best drivers. The Allstate Insurance Co.’s report examined how often drivers using its insurance in the 200 largest cities in the nation get into vehicle wrecks.

Boise’s numbers: The average driver in Boise is in an auto accident every 13.9 years, the study found. That’s 28 percent better than the national average of 10 years. Fort Collins, Colo. squeaked out a narrow victory for the top spot: the town’s likelihood of collision is 28.2 percent better than national rates.

Rounding out the top 10: After Boise, the nation’s safest drivers live in Sioux Falls, S.D.; Brownsville, Texas; Madison, Wis.; Reno, Nev.; Huntsville, Ala.; Visalia, Calif.; Montgomery, Ala.; and Eugene, Ore.

Keep it safe: If your driving record is not as good as Boise’s, the report offers some tips. City drivers who remember to follow the speed limit, stay alert, and know where they’re going and what’s happening in the city along their route are less likely to wreck, the study found.

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