Reader input doubles Statesman map of Valley call centers

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanAugust 27, 2013 

While reporting on the stories on call centers in the Treasure Valley that ran on the front of the Aug. 20 Idaho Statesman and the Business Insider, we were struck by how difficult it was to find the locations of call centers in the area.

Call centers are bountiful in the Valley. There were 34 here in 2012, according to the Idaho Department of Labor. We're told there are more than 40 now. So, where are they?

We asked the readers to help. And you did. Here's the updated map we've built with your assistance:

The map has doubled since it was first printed, but there's a lot of work left to do. If you hover your mouse over different call centers, you'll notice the fields for most call centers regarding the number of employees, telephone number, and call center clients are empty. If you have any information that will help fill out our call center roster, please email reporter Zach Kyle at Keep in mind that street addresses are the most critical pieces of information.

Read the Business Insider story about the growth of the Valley's call center industry here.

Read the front page story about the future of the industry here.

We hope this map will be interesting and informative, but also that it can be a resource to people interested in applying for call center jobs. Whether those are good jobs is a different question that has received more than 200 comments on the Statesman's website and Facebook page. But many call centers are constantly hiring, so the map could be useful for job seekers.


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