Letters to the editor: 08-26-2013

August 26, 2013 


In his letter, Allen Marsh implies that a DVD put out by the American Family Association (an organization that’s intolerant to anything not fundamentalist Republican and biased) correctly asserts that gays and transgender persons would take over Nampa if an anti-discrimination ordinance were allowed. The AFA DVD is not only biased against LGBT people, but it’s so incorrect that if believed by the majority would threaten America, and lead toward a strict theocracy. If that’s what Allen Marsh wants, he’s in the wrong country and should try Iran.

His and the AFA’s type of propaganda always lead to severe restrictions to our freedom and protections. Consider the AFA’s former Idaho president, Gary Glenn, who pushed for the so-called right-to-work laws that effectively made Idahoans one of the lowest-paid people in America. That man now lives in Midland, Mich., and pushed for the same law in Michigan.

Any educated Idahoan would consider both sides of the coin and see that the DVD promoted by Mr. Marsh is biased and wrong! Nampa citizens have their choice: Believe and adopt Allen Marsh’s philosophy of intolerance, or retain a free city and nation devoid of hate and bigotry!



In regard to Garry Ford’s letter on Aug. 19:

I’m going to add a little perspective to his very small world. First, my family is not aliens. My partner/wife and I have been together over 18 years. We are raising two amazing boys. Both boys have GPAs of over 3.5. They are active in school activities and sports. They have more friends than I can count and most of them hang out at our house. We always make extra for dinner because more times than not, we have a few more kids at our table. How evil of us to eat dinner as a family! I can hear hell calling my name.

I am really glad Ford pointed out how “off the chart crimes against nature” my house is. I am sure all those divorced families out there whose children are shuffled from house to house really think we should be locked up. Too bad he thinks my kids are a mess. Good thing we are teaching them to be tolerant in today’s world. Something Ford’s hetero parents apparently didn’t think was necessary in his upbringing.


In response to Garry Ford’s letter printed Aug. 19, which compared bestiality with homosexuality in that they are both “crimes against nature”:

According to Ford’s logic, saying that only two people should join in marriage by following the laws of nature, then does he also believe that the thousands of men and women who are unable to conceive children naturally shouldn’t join together in love and matrimony?

If Ford asked any citizen who identifies themselves as LGBT, he would hear they began to feel that way before they could even fathom “sexuality.” Believing that homosexuality is a choice is fascinating, considering that these consenting adults lack rights and are ridiculed by people just like Ford. He should know that the forward-thinking generation is going to take over the narrow-minded Americans. The problem with backing his (assumingly) religious morals is that it tends to teach people to do what they are told, regardless of what is right; our generation will fight for what is right, regardless of what we are told.

Ford must be exhausted from worrying about things that are entirely out of his control. He should get ready — we’re coming after him with all of our happiness and love.



After reading Mark Cook’s Aug. 14 letter, I believe I can give him some good relocation spots to move where plenty of Democrats live. There is no need for him to suffer with Idaho Republicans. Here are some places:

Chicago — lots of Democrats. I know Chicago like the back of my hand; he should stay north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Detroit — Mr. Cook’s “Obama plan to bail out the auto industry" for the city of Detroit. Does Mr. Cook think he should bail out Detroit when “good” Democrats ran it into bankruptcy?

New York City — Big Apple Democrats.

Boston — Democrats.

Note: Stay clear of dairy farm folks — good Republicans.

These cities have plenty of Democrats, so Mr. Cook can live a happy life. That way he will not have to work hard to bash us Idaho folks who love this state the way it is and was.

I served a hitch with the U.S. Army (draftee) and was also a long haul independent trucker for over 25 years — got to know lots of people.

I’d offer to help pack your bags, but I hate to wait in line.


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