Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Aug. 25

August 25, 2013 

Boise State / UW

I read with great interest the predicament that Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams created for coach Sark, their teammates, the University of Washington and their fans. By choosing to drink and drive, these two have placed their football program, and potential careers, at risk. Worse than this, their negligence placed other people in harm's way.

My brother was killed in 1984 in Utah by a drunk driver. This event was devastating, especially to my father, who witnessed the accident. My brother passed in my father's arms. Sobbing, my father could only keep asking, "Why?"

The truck driver had spent the previous night drinking, and his blood-alcohol level was only half of Mr. Jenkins'. At his court sentencing, the driver, not unlike your players, was "remorseful."

Coach Sark, is it so important to win games that you will pass up the opportunity to help athletes understand the important life lessons of choice and accountability? Should these athletes not be held accountable for the choices they made?

Thousands of prospective athletes, fans and the media are watching you. They await your decision, and many hope your punishments will be made with integrity and courage.

A win-at-all-costs decision will send a negative message to athletes and fans concerning the severity of driving a vehicle while under the influence. Send a message that will save others from suffering the painful loss that I experienced so many years ago.


Boise State colors

I love watching the Broncos play. I would say Boise State football is my favorite thing. As a fan, I feel like I should have a say in how I can enjoy the experience.

So why are we not doing another blackout at Bronco Stadium?

Yes, I know that the opposing teams colors are black and gold on Sept. 28, the day fans were given a chance to vote for, but so many devoted fans went out to buy black gear and are excited to wear it.

You're not giving them a chance. Please, that is a little ridiculous.


Boise State finances

Open letter to Mark Coyle and BSU fans:

Mark Coyle is facing a difficult situation and many fans are either unappreciative or unaware of the problems. Keeping up with major universities requires a lot of money, and BSU does not have the media income of the BCS schools. That means he needs to raise as much money as possible from donors and admissions fees.

We are BAA members who attend football, men's and women's basketball and tennis events. We are not large financial contributors, but we understand why the priority system rewards major donors with ample tickets to away and bowl games.

There is a point where raising ticket and seat license requirements defeats the objective of increasing attendance. Mark Coyle needs to price tickets so Joe Fan is able to attend.

The new television contract will bring more revenue but it also means people can stay home and see games. Many of our friends would rather watch the game at home, and getting them to the games is going to require a combination of innovation and affordability.

Mark Coyle has major work to do to fill Bronco Stadium and a part of that has to be affordable tickets in more sections of the stadium.


Nick Symmonds

"Boise's Symmonds blasts Russian star" did not merit the front page of the Statesman Sports section Aug. 16; maybe a corner on the third page?

He and his supporters are obviously "freedom-of-expression-phobes." She has every right to express her beliefs regarding her and her country's position on morality.

He is an embarrassment to Idaho and the USA. Shame on you, Nick!


Bravo to Nick Symmonds for standing up to Russia and its Draconian laws discriminating against GLBT human rights.

I certainly hope this doesn't lead to boycotts of the Games, which would be grossly unfair to athletes like Nick, but it would be wonderful if every progressive nation (now including the USA) would find a way to incorporate the GLBT rainbow flag into the designs of their uniforms.

Homophobic nations like Russia, Cameroon and Uganda need to know that their intolerance and bigotry will not be tolerated by freedom-loving people everywhere.


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