Letters to the editor - 08-25-2013

August 25, 2013 

Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson disagrees with the Obamacare fiasco, yet he refuses to defund it.

His excuse is that it will shut down the government. This position is smoke and mirrors — something a career politician like Simpson has mastered. He supports Reid and Boehner — what more can you say about a man whose only interest is remaining in office?

Clearly Simpson is bought and paid for by big government and large insurance companies. You can see this by looking at who is sponsoring his commercials on local television. Simpson is a leader advocating growing government. Look at his voting record and then throw the bum out this next election.

DAVE PAGE, Middleton

Raul Labrador

Mr. Ehlert’s recent column on Raul Labrador was spot on. We finally have someone in Congress who “Gets It.” Unlike Rep. Simpson, who has been in the Beltway too long and can’t quit feasting on the pork, Mr. Labrador is willing to stand up and defend his convictions.

This compromising all the time does nothing but embolden the out-of-control East and West Coast lefties who think the rest of us want government health care, homosexual marriage and open borders.

Roe vs. Wade should be repealed immediately, since it has appeared we have murdered 50 million of our own citizens, leaving us with an aging population.

The thought of our state and local police not being able to enforce immigration law is absurd, especially since the federal government won’t. It would be like telling local police you can no longer arrest murderers and rapists.

If you have ever been to the southwest border, you would know putting thousands more agents there is not the answer. Interior enforcement and mandatory employer E-Verify, plus all law enforcement enforcing existing laws, is the answer. Self-deportation for illegal alien lawbreakers will work; it has in Arizona since 1070 became law.


Barack Obama

The latest polls reveal a 62 percent disapproval of President Obama’s caliginous economy, which leaves me still scratching my head — 38 percent still approve? What? Can’t you liberal Democrats read? I know you’re not all illegals or in denial — but apparently many of you communists who voted for Obama have bifurcated into mental illness and ostriches.

Dogs are running amok in Detroit. Chicago’s gun laws have led to record murders. Cities are filing bankruptcies, record debt climbing, taxes killing paychecks, jobs gone, foreclosures, short sales and the terribly supercilious, insolent community organizer-in-chief plays golf and goes on another vacation — and 38 percent of you still don’t get it. He’s responsible — for everything that affects your life. Water runs downhill, like his dismal record of leading.

Companies planning to lay off millions of liberals and put you on part-time status to avoid the catastrophic effects of Obamacareless. Free medical for all. This government-directed slaughter of your economy and money is resulting in chaos and failures. I dare any liberal Democrat to tell all of us with a brain how the IRS, the Feds and the crooks in Washington are going to help us.

Please, enlighten us. And God help the USA.


St. Luke’s

I read your article on St Luke’s Health System and their legal entanglement. I have practiced medicine for 35 years and have been interested in health care costs. I work in the St Luke’s Heath System, but I am not employed. Here is my opinion.

Our country has passed Obamacare. Opinion, this is sheer folly. Article 3021 of the act states, “Promote care coordination between providers and suppliers that transition health care providers away from fee-for-service based reimbursement and towards salary-based payment.” This is exactly what St Luke’s is doing. While St Luke’s is following the Affordable Care Act administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, the FTC under the Justice Department sees this as anticompetitive. Just exactly what is the policy of the government? While lawyers argue, millions of dollars are diverted from the delivery of care.

Idaho has the fourth-lowest per-capita cost for health care out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia; Washington D.C., has the highest. Massachusetts is No. 2 (the health care bill was modeled after the law in this state).

St Luke’s is attempting to provide the highest value for health care dollars to provide them with better health, better care at a lower cost.

DANIEL C. BROWN, M.D., Twin Falls


There is a common misconception about panhandlers — the misconception being they hold up those signs in 100 degree heat because they want to. These people are truly at their lowest moment, and compassion is what they need, not judgment.

When I see these people on the corner I try to give them something, and my teenage daughter recently asked why.

The world tells her to turn a blind eye. I reminded her of what God has to say. “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me in, I was naked and you clothed me.”

His disciples replied, “When did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you a drink, or see you a stranger and welcome you in, or naked and clothe you?” Jesus replied to his disciples, “As you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.”

I tell her the next time you see someone panhandling, picture Jesus looking at you through their eyes. It’s not our place to judge, but instead to show mercy. The rest is in God’s hands.



As I watch the media wring their hands over the events in Egypt, I cannot help but wonder if the Army chief of staff is not doing what any responsible leader would do as he watched his nation slowly disintegrate.

I hear that not having a democratic government is somehow unthinkable. But for years, Egypt and Hosni Mubarak were one of our strongest allies in the Middle East. We casually tossed him aside for the Muslim Brotherhood and look what we got!

I suggest that democracy may not be the ultimate system of government in a region where the dominate religion denigrates Christians and their faith ... burns their churches ... and kills Christians in their homes and places of worship.

Instead, let’s pray for all those in Egypt, including the 9 million Christians and the American-trained Army leader trying to bring about stability.


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