Edge Brewing Co. plans to open in March

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanAugust 21, 2013 

Edge Brewing Co. will be at 535 N. Steelhead Way off of West Emerald Street.


A construction crew is gutting a building that formerly held offices at 525 N. Steelhead Way, just off of West Emerald Street. President Marcus Bezuhly received a conditional use permit from the city  and will begin construction on the interior once building permits are approved in the coming weeks.

The restaurant will serve pub fare, and NFL and Boise State football games will play on big screen TVs, but Bezuhly said Edge will be built around beer made in-house and flowing from 18 taps.

"We geek out on beer," he said. "We are really after those customers who geek out on beer, too. Those are the people who will keep coming back and who will tell their friends."

Bezuhly knows a thing or two about beer. He owns HomeBrewStuff, which sells home brewing supplies online and at its store at 9165 W. Chinden Blvd. in Garden City. In addition, many of the 20 shareholders of Edge Brewing are involved in homebrewing. Five, including Bezuhly, are certified beer judges. All will provide comments and maybe participate in making the experimental batches, but the head brewer will run the operation. Bezuhly said he couldn't yet name the head brewer except to say his lead brewer has served in the same position at another brewery in the past.

Bezuhly said Edge Brewing will make and sell several standard beers, which will likely include an India Pale Ale, a pale ale and a barrel-aged porter. At least some of those will be canned, and Bezuhly hopes they will soon be available in grocery stores around town. Most of the taps will be devoted to experimental batches.

Bezuhly gave a few examples of experimental brews he hopes to sell, but his point was that there would be many unusual beers available all the time.

"We want those to be things like a raisin porter or the funky thing with figs in it," Bezuhly said. "We plan on doing some ciders and meads. Right now I'm working on a cinnamon cyser. It's like apple juice and honey mixed together and fermented, but with a cinnamon component, kind of a spiced apple mead."

He's also interested in expanding into the distillery business, though he said that probably wouldn't happen for at least five years.

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