Boise police hand out 49 alcohol citations during weekend crackdown

August 20, 2013 

The bulk of the citations issued Saturday were for underage drinking. Thirty teenagers and young adults under 21 were cited for underage drinking.

Boise Police Department alcohol enforcement officers conducted a "party patrol" operation that included checks on taverns, bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, scrutiny of adults who may have purchased alcohol for minors and age checks on drinkers to make sure they were at least 21.

"We do our best to educate both young people and adults, not only about Idaho law but the very real dangers connected to underage drinking," Boise police Officer Jermaine Galloway said in a written release. "Sadly, some of the more tragic car crashes involving alcohol have involved young people."

Other citations issued during the operation:

• Eight for adults providing alcohol to minors

• Six for open alcohol cans or bottles

• One for a bar serving after hours

• One for a business selling alcohol without a license

• One for a drug charge

• One for providing false information to police

• One for an unrelated arrest warrant

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