Letters to the editor: 08-19-2013

August 19, 2013 


Ignorance spreads like cancer. In Seattle, it is now incorrect to use the term "citizen" because it might offend those who aren't. "Brown bag" is taboo as well. So much for carrying your lunch to work, eh?

As long as we're catering to everyone on this planet except our own, it's time we all get heard. Beginning immediately, I will find the term "cracker" offensive, and everything from Ritz to saltines need to be banned from all stores and replaced with "soup biscuits."

There should never be a "Honk's" bargain store operating anywhere in the USA. "Honking" your horn at someone in traffic should be considered racial profiling.

"Gun nut" is a derogatory term directed by liberals toward any honest citizen who has or wants more than one gun and deems them as some sort of psychotic. The term should be "firearms enthusiast."

"Nazi" is any supporter of a regime bent upon total government control, driven by threats, mandates and ultimatums.

Doesn't sound much like tea parties to me. "Nazi" is extremely offensive to those who seek to save America, not destroy it. The word is "patriot."

"American." If you don't know the true definition, you're in the wrong party.

MIKE BRADBURY, Mountain Home

Crimes against nature

A story in your paper that ran on Aug. 3 told of a man who allegedly had sexual contact with an animal (cat). And that he was charged with a felony, crimes against nature. Which is totally right for authorities to do.

I submit that humans should always follow the natural laws of nature.

When two humans of the same sex want to join in what they want to call marriage, there is no following of the natural laws of nature. Plus, to then want to be parents, and then raise children in an alien environment, is without question off the charts of crimes against nature.

To mess up two lives is one thing. To mess with the life of a child under these conditions is not only a crime against nature, it should be under a law of molestation. Which is also a felony.

GARRY FORD, Caldwell


On Monday, Aug. 5, Melissa Sue Robinson, a candidate for Nampa mayor and self-described activist, asked the Nampa council for an ordinance banning discrimination against homosexuals.

Robinson told of physical attacks as well as housing and employment discrimination here. There are laws against assault and battery that apply to everyone — special laws protecting homosexuals are not needed. Regarding discrimination, how about some specific examples? Who? Where? When?

On the other hand, these ordinances lead to loss of First Amendment rights for the rest of us.

Arlene's Flowers in Richland, Wash., was sued for refusing a longtime customer's request to provide flowers for his same-sex wedding because of religious conviction.

The same is true for Masterpiece Cakeshop near Denver, which declined to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, although it sold cakes to homosexuals.

At the University of Illinois, professor Ken Howell was fired from his position as a teacher of Modern Catholic Thought for privately agreeing with his church's teaching that homosexual sex is immoral.

Where homosexuals get special protection, expressing disagreement brings punishment.

Don't give special status to homosexuals. The library has a DVD, "They're Coming to Your Town," detailing how homosexuals took over Eureka Springs, Ark.


Rabbi Fink column

I was greatly disappointed in Rabbi Fink's Aug. 10 column regarding lawful vs. ethical behavior, because he did a very unethical thing.

He bore a false witness against George Zimmerman.

He stated that Mr. Zimmerman disobeyed the police and got out of his car because he was "looking for a fight." 911 operators are not the police, and if he was looking for a fight, he wouldn't have called for police help. He would have simply shot Trayvon and disappeared into the night. Rabbi Fink claimed that Mr. Zimmerman was emboldened because he had a gun. Any concealed-weapon permit holder will say that it instead imposes a heavy burden of increased responsibility.

For centuries, Jews have been the victims of lies, Blood Libels, etc., told by those who cared more about their own agenda than the truth. Truth has no agenda. How sad and hypocritical it is when Jewish leaders like Rabbi Fink do the exact same thing against others simply to advance their own partisan political schemes. He joins the Rev. Sharpton, who has yet to apologize for the lies he knowingly told in the Tawana Brawley and Duke lacrosse cases.

Neither of these "religious leaders" should be lecturing anyone on ethics.


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