Book Addicts Spotlight

August 18, 2013 

Gretchen Anderson, an award-winning humor columnist, author and former television news anchor/reporter, writes about returning to an organic food and authentic lifestyle, and raising chickens at home. She chronicles the stories of people who are fighting City Hall for the right to own chickens. Find out how hen keeping is ruffling feathers across the country. Also, learn the secrets to raising a healthy flock in your own backyard.

Jane Freund has a delightful children’s book, suitable for ages 0-7. Read about Mooser, a one-eyed Shih-tzu, his brother Mickey, their friends Riley and Hummer and the adventures they go on one fun-filled day. The book shows that even if you face a challenge (such as having only one eye), you can still have an active life. This book is illustrated by Kristin Berkis Cottier.

We are living in a very disturbing time. Families worry about money, jobs, losing their homes, having enough to eat and who will be the next president. But the greatest fears of all are the fears of a nuclear war or to be attacked by terrorists and be one of the last people on Earth to survive. We cherish our children and fret of being left alone and outliving everyone that we love. But on one calm summer evening in the little town of Garden Valley, Idaho, our worst fears became real. In an instant the world went black, and the day of the darkness began.

Throughout the history of the human race there have been adventurers who must test the limits of exploration, iconoclasts who will never be satisfied with peace at the expense of ignorance. And ignorance will be dangerous indeed if it is true that the Apollyoni exist. …

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