Book Addicts: ‘Bride Wanted’ is a funny, light-hearted read

August 18, 2013 

  • ‘BRIDE WANTED’ by Renee Andrews; Harlequin Love Inspired ($5.99)

Troy Lee’s grandma is not happy that he has a reputation of being fickle with the girls in town. She wants him to settle down, choose a girl and marry. Troy Lee’s not happy that his grandma decided to help him find that girl by taking letters he’s written to his “someday wife” over a span of 10 years and submitting them to Southern Love magazine — without his permission.

He has ideas about the girl he is sure God will bring into his life, and since he was a teenager, he has written letters to her about his goals, dreams and the life he hopes they’ll share.

Enter Southern Love magazine’s editor, Destiny Porter. She has traveled to Claremont, Ala., to meet Troy and persuade him to allow the letters to be published in her magazine. Because she doesn’t want to give away who she really is, she masquerades as a writer in search of material about love in small towns. Troy offers to be her guide in getting to know the townspeople.

When you add in Troy’s distress at suddenly being attracted to two women when he hadn’t found any desirable before, and Destiny’s struggle with wanting to write something her mother would be proud of, they become more endearing and you find yourself rooting for their happy ending.

My take: In many ways this is a slapstick comedy about misunderstandings and two people attracted to each other and trying not to acknowledge it. The story is charming and light-hearted, and the book is a definite feel-good read.

My Rating: 5 out of 5.

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