List of evacuations in Blaine County

August 16, 2013 

Parts of Blaine County are under a mandatory evacuation order as the Beaver Creek Fire spreads closer to homes.

Currently, the list includes the following:


- North of East Fork to hospital bridge on the east and west sides of Idaho 75, including Broadway Run.

- Baker Creek on the west side of Idaho Highway 75, south to the North Fork campground and SNRA headquarters including Easley. This does not include Galena Lodge at the moment.

- All of the East Fork area.

- Timber Gulch south to Zinc Spur on the west side of Idaho 75. Both Zinc Spur and Golden Eagle are included.

- All of Greenhorn Gulch.

- Deer Creek west of the Big Wood Bridge.

- South of Zinc Spur to the north end of Treasure Lane on the west side of Idaho 75.

- Indian Creek

- Ohio Gulch

- Heatherlands

Evacuees are being advised to head south. Officials urged residents not to linger in the area, not even to pack up the contents of their homes. “Take your essential belongings and your pets and go now,” he Blaine County Sheriff’s Office posted on its website.

Anyone who is physically unable to leave should call 911.


Residents in these areas have been asked to prepare to evacuate so that they can leave at a moment's notice. The sheriff's office suggested, however, that residents consider leaving now to ease congestion on the highway. Residents in these areas who have no transportation or are physically unable to leave should call 208-578-3831.

- Croy Creek Canyon west of the Big Wood Bridge.

- Indian Creek to North Fork (below the SNRA headquarters) on both sides of Idaho 75. Ketchum, Sun Valley and the Warm Springs area are all part of this list.

- Treasure Lane South to McKercher Boulevard, including Aspen Lakes. - West of River Street in Hailey. - North of Cedar Street in Hailey.

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