Letters to the editor: 08-14-2013

August 14, 2013 


I find Martin Peterson’s “Reader’s View” from Sunday, July 28, ironic.

He informs us that the blame for our children’s education flaws should rest on we as parents. This, after government run schools and “professional educators” have spent several decades prying the responsibility of educating our children from parental control and informing us that they can do it far better than we can.

Apparently we have generally bought into this indoctrination, as we allow an endless number of bonds and tax increases (as well as the lie that the lottery will fund education) to be tossed into the maw of government waste while our children spend “15 percent” (Mr. Peterson’s number) of their time in school and yet are uneducated. Do I take the blame for that, too? Lest you accuse me of feeding at the public education trough, my three children, who between the three of them would have spent 36 school years actually spent one year in public education and the rest in private and/or homeschooling. My tax dollars were spent on useless education for other people’s children but not my own. My contribution to a failed system.

Sorry, Martin Peterson, I don’t accept the blame for our children’s poor education. You might consider your own culpability in this one, sir.


In response to Marty Peterson’s op-ed about parental responsibility, I agree that as parents, we have the primary responsibility for the education of our children. Yet he fails to make the connection between low wage, at-will employment and our “free” time. Idaho has some of the lowest wages in the region, and right to work laws ensure that workers cannot fight back.

Many family members work two jobs to make ends meet. The cost of living in Idaho is equal to that of surrounding states.

The situation for public employees is equally bleak as Tea Party nihilists continue to destroy the infrastructure of American society by denying a living wage to public employees.

We need real wealth redistribution. Raise the minimum wage and take the money from those who make 10 or 50 times the salary of their employees. The only reason that wealthy corporate and administrative elites command such obscene salaries is that we, the stockholders and voters, allow them to.

Perhaps a more important question for Mr. Peterson is to ask how our low-wage, market-driven ideology has engendered an educational system that conditions young people to submit to such an unfair and exploitive state of affairs?



“Republicans,” isn’t it time you examine yourself to see if your values still match Republican “values?”

Republicans were against bailing out the auto industry and under President Obama’s plan, the auto industry is employing tens of thousands, winning quality awards, and the trickle down of that policy is stability for hundreds of thousands of families in the supply chain Republican “values” consider collateral damage.

It was the Republican “W(rong)” Bush administration, not President Obama, who bailed out Wall Street instead of Main Street as faux news reports.

It’s the Republicans who don’t want Wall Street reformed and are blocking President Obama’s efforts to protect you from predatory banks.

Hey Idaho. You paying attention? Get this, President Obama wanted a consumer protection agency. The Republicans oppose protecting consumers. Again, Idaho, hello?

You’re the consumers and so are your kids. The Republicans seek to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education.

Republicans oppose Democrats’ efforts to raise minimum wage and, Idaho, you still vote Republican? What are you thinking? It’s pretty clear by actions who is the advocate for humanity and who supports the corporate rape of humanity. Save your family. Start voting Democratic.


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