Letters to the editor: 08-12-2013

August 12, 2013 


Broke. It's pretty obvious to all but Democrats-liberal voters why the government, its government operations and government-run ownership of property/assets and our complete reliability on retirement programs are going bust. Like Detroit, Stockton and many other big cities - broke and bankrupt.

The 1935 Social Security Administration, broke ... Fannie Mae 1938 (not Fannie Brice), 71 years old, broke ... Medicare/Medicaid 1965, broke ... Freddie Mac (not from Fleetwood Mac), broke ... U.S. Postal Service, 234 years old and broke ... hundreds more are bankrupt, have huge debt and are killing our economy.

Chicago has a "negative rating" released in the news recently. Code words for "bankruptcy-broke."

This news allows liberal politicians and lemming voters to ask you for more tax money for them to mismanage, lose and waste. The common denominator in all this is the Fed isn't it? Money is no problem. End the IRS, stop the feds and follow the Constitution. This piteous, inert, explicit dead failure government must be put to sleep. Start over, pray and make them live on a budget. Do you agree?


Social Security

How is Social Security like Detroit?

Both are slow-moving financial train wrecks. For years there has been an approaching financial "train" wreck in Detroit that finally arrived recently in the form of a bankruptcy filing. Now that it has happened, everyone is looking around and asking, "Why didn't somebody tell us this train had no brakes?"

So what does this have to do with Social Security? Have you looked at the cover page of your yearly Social Security statement? It states that without changes to the program, starting in 2033, Social Security is facing serious financial problems. Read further and it states it will "... be able to pay only about 75 cents for each dollar of scheduled benefits."

To fix Detroit, the bankruptcy judge is going to cut pension benefits for existing and future city employees. We need to fix Social Security now to prevent a "Detroit moment" from happening in 2033. Congress can make changes to Social Security, but nothing happens very quickly.

Don't wait for this next train wreck to happen to you. Contact your congressman and urge them to take action to prevent Social Security from having a "Detroit moment."


Suing Obama

As I read the article about Anna Smith and her lawsuit against President Obama, I kept shaking my head. She could very well be educated, but in stating her reasons for suing President Obama she comes across as an ill-informed teenager caught up in her own little bubble.

I don't have any problem with her suing the president and disagreeing with the surveillance program since that is her right. However, if you are going to sue the president, then be informed and educated on what exactly it is that you are suing over. Her beliefs and assumptions about other programs she thinks are out there carry no weight in the courtroom. As for bringing awareness to the issue, Snowden already did that.

Her lawsuit and comments in the article only shed light on her complete lack of a thought process to prepare for something like this. Is this something they are seriously invested in, or is it just something "awesome" that they can do?

Myself and my wife have no problem with the surveillance program so long as our calls are not listened to and our texts are not read.

ALLAN ONEY, Meridian


In reply to Michael F. Howard's letter July 30: With due respect sir, you are absolutely wrong.

I remember in the media, a case I believe happened in Florida after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin that involved Stand Your Ground. An armed white man late at night, even having himself videotaped, confronted his next-door neighbor, also a white man, because the neighbor was playing his music too loudly. On the tape the armed suspect kept warning, "I am armed and invoking the right of Stand Your Ground." A confrontation ensued, and the suspect shot and killed his neighbor. A jury, however, rejected that defense and found the suspect guilty and sentenced him to prison for murder.

So your argument that Stand Your Ground is some kind of license to kill is wrong-thinking.


It never snows in Florida ... unless there's a presidential election or a high-profile murder trial. In the case of the Zimmerman trial, it was more than mere snow. It was a veritable blizzard that totally obscured the facts that the Zimmerman was armed and Martin was not. Race be damned. It was a total miscarriage of justice. Must be something in the Floridian water.



Racism is perception in the eye of the beholder.

If you're a racist already you will find it in anything to push it onto others. If you're not, you look for all the facts before you say it so it's fair for all and none are hurt by gross ignorance, hysteria or manipulation. You do not bear false witness against thy neighbors. That's God's law, and it should be adhered to, and those who don't better take a closer look at themselves.

He who is without sin cast the first stone. How many of us can really do that? This is why truth prevails no matter what and evil will be exposed for what it is.


Outdoors photo

It is incredible to me that the judges for the grand-prize winner of the Statesman/Idaho Camera contest chose the tent photograph. Apologies to the photographer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, I saw little in this photo that would merit this panel of judges to choose it for beauty or any other criteria for a grand prize. I realize judging isn't an easy task, but in my opinion, someone was asleep at the switch on this one.


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