VIDEO: Hummingbird survey in Idaho City

August 10, 2013 

Research biologist Jessica Pollock, with the Idaho Bird Observatory, catalogued hummingbirds at a residence in Idaho City with technician Liz Urban and other volunteers on Saturday. People interested in the capture and release of the hummingbirds attended the event and learned how scientists identify the species, sex and age of each bird as well as checking for feather wear, fat, and pollen residue.

Pollock said the study helps determine what the hummingbirds are doing as they migrate to Mexico from as far north as Alaska.

"This helps us determine long term population trends and migration routes," Pollock said.

Funded by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service in Boise, the team documented 400 hummingbirds last year. On Saturday, the group captured about 50 for the study.

To see a photo gallery, click here.

Hope Hoseck and her daughter Hazel, of Boise, release a hummingbird in Idaho City.


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