Idaho Statesman readers react to new Ada County turn signals

August 9, 2013 

You see them each day

Idaho Statesman readers on Facebook generally like the Ada County Highway District’s new signals with flashing yellow left-turn arrows.

The applause

“Keeps you from having to wait through a green and red to make your turn! There were too many that went through the red before, and this makes things better,” wrote Marion Personette.

“Love them! It was a brilliant, efficient move to add them into the traffic flow,” Tina Gallegos wrote.

“Welcome to the 21st century, Idaho,” Janice Morin added.

But wait ...

Some readers voiced concern over how drivers interpret the signals. “Kind of dangerous,” Melissa Meyer wrote.

Marti Heath pointed to Ada County’s neighbor. “Better educate the public about what they mean. Canyon had a number of accidents ... because people didn’t know the difference between a green arrow and a flashing yellow one.”

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