Fish Rap by Roger Phillips: Hmmm. Not sure where to go with this one

rphillips@idahostatesman.comAugust 8, 2013 

Sometimes, you gotta be honest, even if you’re a fisherman. I have no idea where to send you, or even if you should go fishing.

I’ve been heading off in a lot of directions lately, and it hasn’t been with a fly rod in my hand. That’s not a bad thing. I pretty much fish year-round, and if I had to, I am pretty confident I could go catch a fish somewhere. It’s just not currently on my priority list.

Don’t worry, it will be soon.

So let’s call this week angler’s choice. It’s late summer, after all, which means if you really set your mind to it, you can catch darn near anything.

Start counting on your fingers all the fish species available, and you will run out of digits pretty quickly.

Now look at all the bodies of water available, from sweltering, low-elevation reservoirs to cool mountain streams.

There’s just so much out there. So, wise readers, it’s up to you to figure this one out, and I have the utmost confidence in you. All I ask is that you leave a few for me when I eventually get there.

Steelhead update: Forecast is for a below-average steelhead run, but there’s a blip of good news at Bonneville Dam. On Monday, 6,244 fish crossed, topping the 10-year average of 5,170. Then another 8,258 crossed on Tuesday, topping the 10-year average of 5,004. Wednesday’s information wasn’t available at deadline.

If we get a week or so of big daily crossings, it can quickly bump up the run size.

Two days is hardly a trend, but with a lackluster steelhead run in the forecast, I will take any bit of good news I can get.

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