Letters to the editor: 08-06-2013

August 6, 2013 


I called Eagle City Hall to find out if there was going to be a Costco or houses built on the land on Chinden near Fred Meyer. I am sad to say that there will be houses, townhouses and apartments.

I cannot believe the residents of Eagle approved this, or as usual Eagle ignored the residents and decided to go ahead because they care about money more. Costco owned the land and sold it to a builder. I thought that Eagle and Costco were eco-friendly, but they are not. All the trees on the property have been cut down. Some of these trees were 25 to 50 years old.

Shame on you Costco and Eagle City Council members.



Bravo to the Statesman for publishing the “Another View” column on insurance exchanges on July 19.

I encourage all readers to scrutinize this excellent piece. Obamacare, or the ACA, is the law of the land. We now must dial it in so it works effectively, and we must collaborate so that making health care work well in the USA is seen as a problem to be solved. What we don’t need are more attempts in Congress to repeal this law.

What does “effective health care” look like? Let’s go back to some first principles. We want all Americans to have access to affordable health care. We want the cost of this to be tied to good lifestyle choices, and we want to value personal responsibility. And we want health care to be delivered in an efficient manner.

There is a lot of room for collaboration and optimization here. Rather than expending energy on a fruitless partisan street fight, let’s encourage everyone to adopt a posture of willingness to solve this puzzle. We Americans are good at this. Let’s try solutions and pick the best ones. I’m really sick of the repeal effort. It’s time to move on to make this work.



Once again the U.S. Senate has passed legislation harmful to American citizens and consistent with Obama’s desire to “fundamentally transform” America. The legislation, S744, overwhelms our country over the next decade with 57 million foreign nationals by giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, doubling legal immigration and handing out 27 million guest worker permits.

The U.S. House of Representatives could easily let this horrible bill die by not passing any immigration legislation.

Any immigration bill passed by the House would be sent to a conference committee with S744. Members, appointed by Pelosi, Boehner and Sen. Reid, would reject any conservative solutions. S744 or something just as wicked would pass out of conference back to the House and Senate.

Behind closed doors, Republicans would give Boehner permission to bring the bill to the floor. They are being heavily lobbied and bribed by the same business groups who bought off Senate Republicans.

The bill would pass by Democrats and a few Republicans.

No House immigration legislation, Raul! Period.

CAROLYN COOKE, Coeur d’Alene


Heat can be dangerous. As an old person, I notice that no one uses a fan anymore. Not an electric fan, but a hand-held half circle, of cardboard or something of similar weight. Wielded by hand, it does actually help cool the face or neck.

I remember that when I was a child it was my task to use the fan to keep my baby sister cool, as she was too young to hold the fan herself. Making and/or furnishing these to people at outdoor events was once an advertising opportunity for local businesses. (A cereal box and a paint-stirring stick; duct tape or staples would make one.)

Perhaps some youth group would be interested in making some to have distributed by homeless shelters or at softball games, etc.


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