Simplot building gets people talking


The company is excited that it will be able to consolidate employees from two Boise locations at its massive new headquarters.


The first look at plans for Simplot Co.’s new corporate headquarters, on the same 7.5-acre campus as the JUMP project between Front and Myrtle, generated a lot of comments Friday. Read all of them or share your thoughts at

Ron Bruckner: A good addition to that area. Looks good.

Dustin Murphy Finnely: Looking like we belong in 2013.

Melanie Larson: My first reaction is that it looks like a ship sailing into Boise!

Jeffrey A Jones: One word: Monstrosity!

Kelly S. McKittrick: It looks like a cruise ship!

Catherine Kulm: What a wonderful addition and a great memorial for Mr. Simplot! A great gift so many will enjoy for many future years, hopefully!

Shannon Morgan: It is beautiful and is going to give Idaho a space that will forever change commerce, art, cuisine, media and more! JUMP is the best thing since air conditioning. And this rendering looks A LOT better than the first few concepts I saw.

Terry Puckett: Good, now maybe we can start on a pro sports team!

Luanne Hay Ostrow: Excited for a new modern building in Boise, but really? You couldn’t hire a local architectural firm? Simplot? Disappointed.

Diane Dory Wilmot: I’d love to know how many comments come from Boise natives, and how many come from transplants because they are certainly divided. I think it looks better than an empty lot, but I really wish we didn't have to have all this growth without a better system in the Valley to get around (rail).

Ken Constant: Too plain. Hopefully they find a way to add back some color.

Cheri Machado Tarlini: Better than an empty lot, but it reminds me of the Titanic.

Jordan Douglas: I LOVE IT! A much better welcome to our awesome city.

Lauren Mast Hershey: I think it will be a great asset to our wonderful city. All the growth going on, events and now a terrific community center. It’s all good for Boise. What a great place to live!

Aaron Liven: Looks great. Much better than an empty lot! All of you “keep Boise small” folks need to move to Kuna.

Kerry LeMay: Let’s not become too metro. I like the laid-back Boise.

Daniel J Fredrickson: Another amazing structure coming to Boise. Don’t worry folks, one more building doesn’t make Boise a big city. We’re still about 1 million residents shy of that.

Arturo D Cariaga Jr.: Wow. What a great asset to Downtown Boise... We have come a long way when it comes to building things Downtown. ...Mr Simplot would be proud.

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