Got milk? Idaho leads the nation in breast-feeding mothers

August 2, 2013 

Rates rising:

Nationwide, 77 percent of moms try breast-feeding their babies, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control study. A decade ago, just 71 percent did.

Idaho at No. 1:

The Gem State topped the study, with 91.8 percent of moms reporting the practice. That’s way higher than the state at the bottom of the rankings: Only 50.5 percent of Mississippi mothers breast-feed their children. Differences in culture and workplace policies are possible explanations for disparities, the CDC said.

Long-term practice:

Idaho also scores high in the number of mothers who continue to breast-feed exclusively, without using formula, one year after giving birth: 27 percent, for the No. 2 spot. California tops the list, with 27.4 percent.

Strong start:

The CDC says that breast-feeding has numerous health benefits. The practice helps pass essential nutrients and antibodies from mother to child, and babies are less likely to be overweight.

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