Letters to the editor: 08-02-2013

August 2, 2013 


The Boise Music Festival needs more crowd control, traffic control, trash cans and recycling bins. There were people cutting in front of each other in traffic and yelling obscenities at each other on the way into the fairgrounds. One police officer stopped in the median and intervened in one incident. We waited in line to be checked by security while many people cut to the front of the line, adding many minutes to the wait time of those waiting patiently. Those cutting ignored the protests of those waiting.

I walked for 10 minutes looking for a trash can and finally walked over to the food area and used a vendor’s trash can. Many people didn’t go to the trouble because trash and recyclables littered the landscape.

This could be a wonderful event for the people of our community if it was planned and organized better.



It was widely reported about Vice President Joe Biden urging the president of Ecuador to not grant asylum to Edward Snowden. What hasn’t been widely reported by our corporate media, however, is how diligently the Ecuadoran government has been seeking extradition of a bunch of corrupt bankers who nearly sank the economy of Ecuador but were granted asylum in the United States. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Our government will go hammer and tongs after people like Snowden, Assange, Manning, Drake and Hammond, but crooked bankers can damage the economics of the world through corrupt practices, causing thousands of people great harm and they look the other way and no one goes to jail. It’s just more evidence of how we’ve strayed from being a government of the people and morphed into a corporatocracy.

The corporate Supreme Court handed down the “Citizens United” decision, very effectively giving corporations the same rights as people. Corporations now, through effective lobbying and enormous sums of money, not only influence government policy but in fact dictate the policy.

Anyone who dares expose lawlessness by our corporate government can be and are held indefinitely without due process. Snowden would be a fool to turn himself in.

RON ALLEN, Caldwell


In a July 21 letter, Russell Joki said the Meridian School Board should not hire a lawyer to meet with the lawyer of the teachers union.

I think without a lawyer matching the teachers’ lawyer, you might end up paying teachers the wages they are worth and giving them the vacations, health care, and pensions they deserve. It is abominable how poorly the School Board treats its teachers. Two lawyers talking sense to the board may improve students’ education.

DIRK NEYHART, Berkeley, Cal.


On July 24, a Statesman article described Regence Blue Shield’s efforts to cut health care costs: Send employees to India to train workers to replace 55 U.S. workers in Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington. These aren’t minimum-wage jobs, they are knowledge workers. Makes me wonder how folks are supposed to buy Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance when they don’t have a job.



At last there may be a ray of hope for millions of injured or workers killed on the job whose claims have been fraudulently denied

Marshall Lasser, a Michigan attorney, has prevailed in a RICO case against an insurer, doctor and employer who denied six truckers their rightful benefits.

RICO, or racketeering, has been customarily associated with drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling. Mr. Lasser states that in Michigan alone there are thousands of injured workers who have been made to suffer horribly due to the actions of insurance companies in wrongful fraudulent termination or denial of claims and fraudulent opinions of doctors paid for by those insurance companies. My son and I are but two of the thousands of victims in Idaho over the decades and millions in the United States.



In reference to the letter to the editor “I Am Not Trayvon Martin”: I am a teacher in the Meridian district and, though I share a name with the writer of the letter, the letter is NOT from me.

The only letter to the editor I ever wrote concerned public education in Idaho.

JOHN ROLLINS (Mr. Rollins to my students), Boise

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