Goats help Ada County Highway District get to root of weed problem

cmsewell@idahostatesman.comAugust 1, 2013 


Goats wasted no time clearing weeds from Ada County Highway District drainage areas.


Ada County Highway District Director Bruce Wong boasted about his 100 new workers Wednesday.

"I have absolutely zero overtime problems and no wage issues," quipped Wong. "And none of them have escaped."

The highway district paid a local company, We Rent Goats, $800 to bring in about 100 goats to clear weeds from two drainage ponds.

ACHD has more than 70 drainage ponds that collect stormwater instead of putting it into the storm-drain system that goes into the Boise River and other waterways.

The district decided to try goats as an alternative to mowing or using herbicides.

The goats took their new job seriously, clearing the two 1-acre ponds in the Alpine Pointe subdivision near McMillan and Eagle roads in five days.

ACHD said it was so impressed with the goats' performance that it is considering using them for future weeding projects.

Video below courtesy of ACHD's Facebook page

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