Letters to the editor: 07-31-2013

July 31, 2013 


In the doctor’s office I grabbed a women’s magazine. I noticed the topic of gun shootings — all articles were about women living through horrifying experiences.

Being put into the position of having to protect children or loved one. Having to live with thoughts that will haunt forever. Each story ended with a statement about stronger gun laws are needed to keep this from happening. Fear of the unknown is reason for this belief.

We all need training, education, practice. Take your mother, sister, daughters to a gun training course. Women, we need to protect our children, parents, spouse if we are ever up against someone trying to cause great bodily harm, rape or kill. Knowledge is power, freedom is necessary. During women’s suffrage, many people fought for our rights that enabled us to now make our own decisions about our lives.

Do not take away the things that can empower and protect you. Learn about ammunition, actions, types of guns, acronyms.

If you were in a room with a gun that needed to be made safe, would you be able to accomplish this, or would you run to find a man who might know how?



Whew! It’s been a hot one. What’s going on out there? We’ve been setting records for heat, tornados, hurricanes, flooding, droughts and blizzards.

There’s something bad wreaking havoc with the atmosphere, but it can’t be global warming. According to our Republican congressmen, global warming is a myth.

When I was a teenager, I always liked rain because it made my dirty car look clean. Now, when it rains, it makes my clean car dirty or my dirty car dirtier.

This year there’s less water available to provide the hydro-electric power we take for granted. Idaho Power warns us to use our air conditioners sparingly or face power outages.

They raised my electric bill 18 percent in April. I didn’t see that coming. My average usage varied little during the past year. I know, because I monitor it.

Maybe Idaho Power needs to do more to endorse wind turbines and other natural sources of power instead of worrying about upsetting their monopoly.

This country’s major polluters don’t own the sun or the wind, just the Republican Party.

I wonder if all the big wheels at Idaho Power use their air conditioners sparingly.

KEN WHITE, Twin Falls


Distance seems so close. On Saturday, July 20, in the Nation/World section, an article titled “Keeping A Promise” certainly touched home for me.

From 1985 to 1990, I worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the Office of Veterans Services as a personnel officer.

During most of the time frame, I had the honor to work directly for Commissioner Thomas J Hudner, Medal of Honor recipient. The opportunity to work for Commissioner Hudner is the highlight of my 38 years of government service.

Mr. Hudner told me the story of Ensign Jesse Brown many years ago. For this story to be shared with me many years ago and to read in the Idaho Statesman on July 20 of Capt. Hudner going to North Korea to hopefully bring back Ensign Brown’s remains is a remarkable story. To conclude, I pray that Mr. Hudner’s mission is a success.


Editor's note: Mr. Hudner's trip to North Korea was cut short last week because of heavy monsoonal flooding. He hopes to return later in the year to continue his mission to find Brown.


Joan Hurlock was raked over the coals when Gov. Butch Otter nominated her for a position on the Idaho Fish and Game Commission earlier this year. She did not get that appointment, supposedly because she wasn’t enough of a hunter and didn’t have the right credentials.

What exactly are the credentials of the lumber company owner and the Magic Valley aviation company executive who were just appointed to the commission?

It seems to successfully become a member of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission, you just need to have an irrational fear and hatred of wolves, and advocate to see them eliminated in any indiscriminate and inhumane way possible.


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