From the Editor by David Staats: On the scent of a good dog photo

dstaats@idahostatesman.comJuly 30, 2013 

Staats, David

David Staats

SHAWN RAECKE — Shawn Raecke/ Idaho Statesman Buy Photo

Kyle Green didn’t actually jump into the pool at Downtown Hound, a luxury pet-boarding business, to take the picture that opens this week’s cover story, “Our Money Goes to the Dogs.”

He was ready to. He was in his swimsuit. As a Statesman news photographer, he drives around with that suit, food, water, fire gear, waterproof shoes and a change of clothes.

But Green is unlikely to join the polar bear swim New Year’s Day at Lucky Peak. “I generally don’t like anything under about 74 degrees,” he says. To cool the dogs, the pool water was 60 degrees.

So he placed his camera in a waterproof case. From poolside he held the camera underwater, aimed it at the dog and fired blindly. The result is an unusual and amusing image.

For Green, it was just part of a day’s work. “I have the best job in the world,” he says. “I get to experience life and relate it back to our readers. You get to photograph the human experience, from its best moments to its worst.”

Green joined the Statesman two months ago. He spent five years taking pictures for the Portland Tribune, a twice-weekly Oregon newspaper launched in 2001, and eight years for The Roanoke Times in Virginia. Then he moved to Boise with his wife, Heidi; their son, London, 6; and their daughter, Sedona, 4.

Green and veteran Statesman photographer Darin Oswald share photo credits on this story. It was conceived and written by Statesman reporter Katy Moeller. We hope you enjoy it.


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