Letters to the editor: 07-29-2013

July 29, 2013 


Today (July 24), Rep. Simpson has shown his disregard to his oath of office by voting no on the Amash amendment on defense appropriations H.R. 2397. The Amash amendment would have curtailed funding for the implementation of orders under Section 215 of the Patriot Act unless the order is explicitly limited in scope. In other words not a blanket "search everyone" warrant.

What Simpson has said with his vote is that he is OK with the government's use of Section 215 to obtain bulk communications records on millions of Americans not associated with terrorist acts or communications. It is sad that even one of the original authors of the Patriot Act supported the Amash amendment citing the unrestrained actions of the government.

Rep. Simpson in my eyes is a coward. I hope he is voted out of office.



These people who are protesting and rioting in response to the Zimmerman verdict are disgusting. They don't know the facts but just act on emotional rhetoric and inaccurate reporting by the media.

What is reported by the newspaper and TV is biased and full of innuendo, I know. I served on a grand jury once in a murder case we sent to trial - what the media reported was so far off I wondered if they were covering the right trial.

Ever notice how the black community pulls the race card when something doesn't go its way? The Rodney King riots, Obama's buddy and the cop, now the Zimmerman verdict. Did whites riot when O.J. got off scot-free? No, our justice system was respected - not agreed with by all but respected. Where's that respect now?

From day one they decided Zimmerman was guilty. They don't want justice, they want "guilty." They're the worst racists of all, and they're trampling our justice system. I don't believe that teenager was the sweet innocent the family makes him out to be.

Wake up America! Obama has an agenda: create race issues and riots, take away our guns, eventually socialism and a Muslim-only America.


The Zimmerman trial is over, the jury made a fact-based decision rather than race-based. Remember the race-based outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial? Remember what happened in 2008 when most blacks, most welfare recipients and some misguided whites cast their race-based votes? In just a few short years this country has had more than enough race-based decisions for several lifetimes. So those of you who want to make race-based changes to the Zimmerman trial need to get over it and get on with something important in life.

DEL SHAW, Mountain Home


In response to Harry Dennis' July 8 letter, "No religion has all the truth," I beg to differ. There is one true religion, and it is Christianity. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father (God) but by me" (John 14:6). So you can't come to God through any other religion. The realm of God is not inexplicable. Scripture is not the work of humans. It is the "word of God."



David Brooks' article "Learning a lesson from John Wayne" in the July 21 Sunday edition was a well-conceived explanation of the reasons for the diminished role of "real men" in today's society. In fact, justice-based masculinity is conditioned out of male children by the groupthink mentality of the day-care center culture affecting children who populate Generation X, Y and the Millennials. These "child-rearing stations" as well as the educational system, deter nature-based masculinity by the conditioning of feminist teachers and where found necessary, by the pharmaceutical industry.

The problem, of course, is that society (especially this one) needs such "aggressive" male personalities on occasion. You can expect that such recent decisions as the policy to put females in front-line combat situations based upon the "all sex into one formula," will meet the same result as experienced by the Israeli army, to wit: that male soldiers will die attempting to protect the women instead of doing their jobs.

Brooks is correct that the war on men will continue. That is, until Mother Nature forces a return to common sense.



As a Christian, I'm writing to express my sadness at reading in the sports section's "Scene and Heard" tidbits that Tim Tebow had acknowledged a pro football coach as his Lord and Savior. The only thing I share with Mr. Tebow is his faith in Christ; I wish that I had the exposure and opportunity he has to express his faith.

Also, as a former newspaper reporter, I was disgusted to read another writer's rhapsodizing about the humor he found in masturbation. While pursuing my degree, I was taught that among the functions of a newspaper was the promotion of human values, which would ultimately enrich society. I would encourage the writers and editorial staff of the Statesman to reach up to new heights, not down into the bucket of slime that is attempting to ooze out over us.


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