Letters to the Editor, 07-27-2013

July 27, 2013 


I’ve attended all the Motorfests and just enjoyed the 11th edition.

Attendance and entries were obviously down this year, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of fun to be had. Mr. Hale allowed my grandkids to sit in his hot rod, and showed them how to display proper “attitude” when driving a mean machine. Mr. Blackstone allowed them to start and rev his muscle car. Mr. Strouse let them — and about a hundred other kids — honk the big horn bulb on his old school street rod.

I re-met old friends both local and who had traveled from afar to attend — and once again found that “car nuts” are some of the friendliest folks you can ever want to know.

It was super to see Big Jack Armstrong and learn that he’s on the road to recovery. Thanks to RPM!Productions, Les Schwab Tires, Barons Car Club, Dale Harsin Racing, and all the sponsors, vendors, participants, volunteers, and guests for helping my family and me have a fun weekend and to relive the automotive experience that is such a part of American culture. I’m already looking forward to year No. 12!


Thanks Nampa and the Treasure Valley, you’ve done it again. For the 98th year in a row your support has made the Snake River Stampede a phenomenal success! Our hats are off to our sponsors, patrons and volunteers who’ve allowed us to become one of the oldest and largest rodeos in the world.

As a non-profit organization the success of the rodeo means we have more resources to invest in our service club partners, our youth, and the future of our rodeo. Your support also allows us to invest in the health of Treasure Valley women through the Stampede for the Cure program.

On behalf of our volunteer board of directors thank you again for a great rodeo.

JEFF AGENBROAD, president, Snake River Stampede, Nampa


Thank you for the July 6 “story to catch up on” titled “Idaho in top 10 for unprescribed drug use.”

Unfortunately this headline and the subsequent article are somewhat misleading. As the article notes Ameritox monitors urine for commonly abused drugs. This is a private, for-profit company that I have worked with to prevent misuse of medications that I was prescribing.

The article quotes a rate of 39 percent of the time unprescribed drugs appear in the urine, and this is “of concern.” The implied concern is that this number represents either illicit drug use (such as methamphetamine or marijuana) or inappropriate use of narcotics for recreational purposes (such as Norco or Valium).

Fortunately, in my experience, the most common unprescribed drugs were not drugs of abuse; rather they were either over-the-counter medications or medications prescribed by other physicians. In the vast majority of cases, the “unprescribed drug use” was not illicit, but simply the result of not writing all the patient’s medications on the company’s forms.

Nationwide there is a problem related to inappropriate use of medications. However, the data from this company may reflect, if anything, that Idaho physicians do not do a good job of completing forms.



Ms. Day wrote an interesting letter regarding men being self-serving and self-centered in regards to fatherhood, self-serving in business, poor management of schools and oblivious to parent(s) needs of a livable wage. I don’t really think she meant Mr. Place was self-serving or self-centered. He is one of the most selfless people I have met and serves many people. He was referring to following God’s word which lovingly provides rules to follow for a better society.

Our society contests God’s word and lives life by their rules. I grew up in an abusive home with an absentee father, alcoholic gambler and wife beater. I remember crying “When will he come home?” Don’t cry, I was told. We were fortunate enough to have a grandmother that provided food, rent money, examples of prayer and tithing.

Some women did not grow up in a home replete with a mom and dad. Boise non-profits like Love Inc. train women and men to manage money, live responsibly and love. Churches know of Christian couples that could adopt instead of having an abortion. Better wages for teachers require more taxes. Teachers should be paid the same wage as nurses, definitely. Fathers and mothers, care for your sons and daughters.



On July 20, you had a long diatribe from Dennis R. Jones re: alcohol beverage vs.beverage alcohol. I would also like to submit that there “ain't” no such word as ain't. Watch out David Adler! He's after your weekly quarter-page spot on the Opinions Page!


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