Letters to the editor: 07-25-2013

July 25, 2013 


I feel sorry for the Downtown businesses if city officials determine that charging more for parking is the best way for the city to get richer.

With the new mall at Fairview and Eagle, along with other expanding businesses that offer free parking, I just see the final nail in the coffin for a lot of Downtown shops with this new higher fees, longer hours and “smart meters.”

I wonder what the return on investment is for the new meters that won't let you park on someone else’s dime, as the Statesman put it. Boise residents ... please vote next time there is an election and don’t just vote for the person whose name you have heard the most.



News media reports that the city will install new high-tech meters, and even install sensors in the street, all to increase revenue and possibly vehicle turnover.

There is no report of costs. However, it will likely be $800 to $1,000 per meter. I can’t even venture a guess at what the in-pavement sensors will cost. It would be interesting to have a cost/benefit analysis published as well. Just what is our bang for the buck?



When I moved here in 2000, Boise was a shining example of small cities. The fact that you could go Downtown and not be accosted for the “privilege” of setting foot there was truly a pleasure — enticing me to visit Boise over other choices in the surrounding cities. Over the last decade, it changed.

The city continues to up the ante to walk its hallowed ground. The latest is its plan to increase parking costs in the Downtown district and to go after those who dare to work the system of tariffs the city imposes on people bringing commerce to the city.

As a result, I will not visit Downtown businesses if there is an option elsewhere in the Valley — and there are a lot of them. My trips for shopping and dining to Downtown that are one or two times a week, will now be one or two times per month. I will go where I feel welcome, not fleeced.

It is sad that our Boise city government has lost sight of its mission to help the city grow and attract commerce. I am sure Meridian, Eagle and other Valley cities thank you.



“Bullying” hardly applies to robo-calls. Passing a law without having read it, over the strenuous objection of a consistent majority of American citizens, bribing even reluctant Democrats and twisting the rules while saying, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” is bullying.

Observing 60 percent of Idaho “representatives” saying, “We have to form an exchange, or the federal government will do it to us,” one individual tea party member saw most legislators were ignoring the communications already coming in 95 percent against the “exchange” and initiated robo-calls; without authorization from the rest of tea party.

The federal government is threatening our right to decide how to pay our medical bills. When our Legislature gives in to that bullying, Idaho is not acting like the sovereign state John Roberts said we should.

To stop bullying, stand up to it. The majority of legislators didn’t reflect the majority of those they represent. Gov. Otter, inexplicably, reversed his strong endorsement (March 2010) of the Idaho Health Freedom Act; deciding, instead, to capitulate to federal coercion, giving in to bullying. Robo-calls are merely annoying compared to being forced to spend your money on a product you may or may not want.

DARYL FORD, Caldwell


It was amazing to read a letter to the editor last May from Hannah Brass Greer praising the new Affordable Care Act. I’ll bet she’s never read the over-1,000-page bill. She said she didn’t have to pay a co-pay. Who did she think would pay it? Could it be other taxpayers, or could it be the provider? She said tax breaks will be available to help middle-class families purchase plans on the exchange, and who does she think will pay for that? We absolutely cannot afford this law.

Does she know there are many things in this bill beside medical issues?

For instance, if a person sells his house or any other property, he has to pay a 3 percent tax to the government. Does she know the people who work for the government will be in control of her health and the medical community? Boy, this sure isn’t for me.


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