Do’s and don’ts during summer fire season


We’re midway through summer, and the smoke you’ve seen northeast of the Treasure Valley came from the 3,000-acre Pine Creek Fire, which was likely human caused.

The Forest Service expects the fire to be contained this week, and it took nearly 400 fighters about two weeks to contain the blaze.

It’s a good reminder that there’s still a lot of fire season ahead of us.

It’s important to take fire prevention into consideration in all your outdoors activities

Here are some tips for your outings this summer:


- Be very careful with fire. If you have a campfire, barbecue or any other open flame, situate it in a safe area and have lots of water handy. It’s also good to carry a shovel.

- Make sure every fire is completely extinguished. Don’t spare the water. Douse, stir, repeat, until it’s completely out and cool.

- Watch those trailer tires. Lots of us tow trailers during summer, and when a tire blows out and the rim hits the pavement, it’s likely to shoot sparks.

- Check for fire closures before you go. Forest Service roads and trails are often closed even if the fire is miles away.

- Watch for firefighter traffic. Large vehicles may be traveling on those tight, twisty back roads.


- Ignore any fire. If you see a smoldering campfire that’s been abandoned, put it out.

- Ignore fire restrictions. Idaho Power Co. announced them for the Hells Canyon area, and other land managers are likely to follow suit before summer is over.

- Assume fire season is over at the first sign of cooler weather. It’s still dry out there, even if it’s cool in the mountains and there’s been rain showers. Fire danger will likely persist until the snow falls.

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