Letters to the Editor: 07-24-2013

July 24, 2013 


Rep. Labrador on “Meet the Press” made Idaho proud, having the backbone to do the job we sent him to Washington to accomplish.

His experience with immigration law and his take on business and health care made his election timely for Idaho and our nation. His leadership and cool-headed common sense will help change the downhill-spending and administrative-controlling spiral this nation finds itself in.

Our nation’s future is foretold as long-term Democratic-controlled cities such as Detroit (run by Democrats and unions since 1961), Stockton, Calif., Scranton, Pa., and Chicago have filed or are at the precipice of filing bankruptcy. States such as California, Illinois and New York, with Democratic leadership, “give everyone everything” policies and overspending are effectively bankrupt.

All look to President Obama to bail them and unions out, just as his Justice Department did with General Motors and Chrysler. Investors and taxpayers took a beating; made whole were labor unions, to which Democrats owe their allegiance. Hard-working or retired taxpayers will take a beating bailing out long-term Democratic leaders with their consistently failed policies.

Rep. Labrador will not be railroaded. His voice for positive changes and against fiscal irresponsibility will help solve these issues.



Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker uncharacteristically maligned the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in his blog July 9, writing that it suffers from “spotty funding, poorly written (conservation) easements and inconsistent Forest Service support.”

Having recreated in the area year-round for the past three decades and served as a member of the SNRA Forest Service trail crew, I know its value well.

A person only has to stop at Galena Summit to marvel at the wide-open spaces of the Sawtooth Valley, made possible by conservation easements that limit development, hike a well-maintained trail into pristine Boulder Chain lakes, or take in an interpretive session at Redfish Lake Visitors Center to know why the area is widely considered a national treasure and Idaho’s crown jewel.

This is why it is imperative that a collaborative and thorough approach be used in determining the goals and ramifications involved in designating the SNRA as a national monument.



People do not seem to realize that every illegal immigrant in the U.S. is stealing from the U.S. taxpayer, be it violent crime to theft of services or jobs. This especially hurts the legal immigrant to have these leeches feeding at the expense of the U.S. Treasury, yet we have some politicians determined to give them more and more.

You can dress it up any way you want to by calling it gay or lesbian, but the fact of the matter is that they are all homosexuals. Today they want same-sex marriage and all the benefits they can obtain at their own expense, however they would rather leech from the public trough and the U.S. taxpayer dollar and have some politicians pandering to them. I am not homophobic, but I am rather a heavily burdened taxpayer.

The U.S. taxpayer has been criticized by some politicians for not personally saving more money as they did in the ’50s, ’60s or even ’70s. What they seem to forget is that the taxpayer paid about 40 percent less taxes at that time and could have the luxury of a savings or investment account.

ALFRED P. (AP) JONES, Lewiston


Some years back I recall Gov. Otter’s office issuing a statement that the pricing policies of the major oil companies in the state of Idaho were going to be “scrutinized” (or was it “investigated”?).

Either way, for quite a while we Idahoans were paying a lot less at the gas pumps until the rest of the nation was also paying quite a bit more than they had been.

Whatever happened to that scrutiny or investigation?

Is there any chance that the attorney general of Idaho could again be asked to look into the pricing policies of the local (Idaho) petroleum dealers, distributors, and/or pipeline owners/operators?

Maybe it’s time to consider replacing a governor who is reluctant to fight for Idahoans with someone who will do so in the future!


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