From the editor by David Staats: How to buy that photo you like

July 23, 2013 

Staats, David

David Staats

SHAWN RAECKE — Shawn Raecke/ Idaho Statesman Buy Photo

Readers sometimes ask how to obtain prints of pictures the Statesman publishes. Say you like a photo you saw in Business Insider, or one of the 80 images in our gallery of the July 4 Chalk Art Festival at Ann Morrison Park. The Statesman sells copies of many published photos taken by staff photographers for personal use. You can buy them in a range of sizes. You can have the photo you want printed on a mouse pad or a mug.

Click on the "Buy Photos" link under the Recent Galleries section of the home page. Or click on the "Buy Photo" link under many pictures on the site.

Keep in mind that just as you may want one of our images, we may want one of yours. We have an endless need for photos in BI.

We need good-quality, high-resolution color photos of people named in our Making Good columns when they're hired, promoted, given an award or cited for an achievement or good deed.

We also need professional quality photos that help tell the stories of local businesses. Few local companies and public agencies offer such photos on the websites where they publish their news releases. They might take a cue from Micron Technology Inc., which posts dozens of photographs of its people at work, products, locations and executives for use without delay. Micron's gallery has proved useful many times. We identify the sources of all such photos. @IDS_DavidStaats

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