Three-year-old girl injured after headfirst fall from moving truck

July 22, 2013 

— A three-year-old girl is headed to a Boise hospital after falling from a moving pickup truck in Nampa.

The truck was driving eastbound on Cassia Street when the door opened and the girl fell headfirst onto the street, Sgt. Tim Randall of the Nampa Police Department said.

The child wasn't restrained in a carseat or using a seatbelt, he said.

"Witnesses said they saw the kid kind of standing up on the backseat, walking back and forth," he said.

There was no carseat in the truck. The doors were equipped with safety locks, but they had not been engaged, Randall said.

Investigators said it appeared that the toddler opened the door, then fell. An Nampa police officer just pulling onto the street got to the scene immediately, Randall said.

"He didn't see the kid fall out, but he noticed all the cars stop, and then people running down the street," he said.

The toddler suffered lacerations to her face and knocked out several teeth in the fall. Her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, Randall said.

The driver of the truck will likely be cited for failing to restrain the girl, Randall said. An investigation is ongoing.

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