Letters to the editor-07-20-2013

July 20, 2013 


It was the perfect day for a show: Idaho blue skies, big clouds and big sounds.

Thank you to all of the friends of Soldier Mountain who participated in our first Summerfest festival.

Because of you it was a great success and there will be many more to come. We have many things we will be improving in the coming years up on the mountain. For those of you who missed the show, please plan to attend next year.

VALERIE K. METZGER, kitchen manager, Soldier Mountain Ski Area, Fairfield


In our past, there was a generation or two of pilots starting with WWI who flew by the "seat of their pants." This meant that they had an intimate knowledge of what the aircraft was doing and what action was necessary to correct a bad situation.

With our overload of technology (computers) we have reached a point where pilots have become guage watchers instead of functionally operating the airplane.

The 777 crash landing in San Francisco illustrated the point. The aircraft was obviously too low and too slow on the final approach.

The three pilots, evidently glued to the instrument panel, could have averted this crash landing by taking a look outside of the cockpit to assess the altitude and position of the aircraft.

I don't claim to be an expert but have a few thousand flying hours starting with WWII. We need to teach our pilots how to manually fly the airplane to prevent future tragedies.

The classic "Miracle on the Hudson" where pilot Sullenberger flew his jet like a powerless glider to a safe water landing is an example of superb airmanship. Wish that all commercial pilots had his experience, knowledge and ability.



Isn't it strange that the only pictures shown of Trayvon Martin were of him as a 12-year-old?

This trial was carried on while there were far more cases of murder being carried out in Chicago and other cities. Many of them black on black or black on white or white on white.

Were they no more important than this trial?

Could it be that this case was more politically correct?

CHUCK EGAN, Meridian


A subject that has bothered me for many years: the intentional misuse of the term "alcoholic beverage." The media misuse this term constantly, some doctors use it incorrectly, law enforcement use the "alcoholic beverage" term falsely and Mothers Against Drunk Driving loves to use the term "alcoholic beverage" because they want everyone to reason, if I use this legal product, I will become an alcoholic. Not true, in most cases.

The correct term is "beverage alcohol." This includes any beverage that has "beverage alcohol" added to it.

The term alcoholic or alcoholism is reserved for humans and animals; I suppose even some additional critters could be alcoholic. But not "beverage alcohol."

Facts are, a bottle of liquor has never drunkenly staggered down the street or fallen off a bar stool without help from a human. A sealed bottle of liquor will stand up straight on the shelf for years without falling over, even if that bottle is full of "beverage alcohol."

Now, please use the term "beverage alcohol." Get it straight and use the term correctly!

DENNIS R. JONES, Garden City


Hurrah for Brian Clark's article on cat scofflaws. Here are some additions to what should be done:

1. Cats at large are deemed nuisances and may be destroyed by authorities. Cats must be licensed and have current rabies shots.

2. Cats are not allowed to defecate in gravel driveways, yards, flower beds, vegetable gardens or lawns other than their own. Trespassing cats may be captured and destroyed after five days in the hoosegow or released on appeal and fines.

3. A special permit is required for more than one cat.

4. Owners allowing caterwauling on back fences in the dead of night should be ashamed of themselves.

So how about a little fairness and even-handed treatment under the law. Pets come in all sizes and models -even cats. But if a dog were to run amok and create as much havoc as a cat, rest assured it would be shot peremptorily.

I really can't imagine how cats (literally killing machines) ever attained such a revered and exalted station in life, and why owners can blithely turn them out at night and pretend they don't commit atrocities against young and defenseless animals.

So there!


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