Resurfacing project set for Payette, Gem counties

July 19, 2013 

The Idaho Transportation Department announced Friday that a resurfacing project is set to begin July 26 along a 17-mille section of Idaho 52 and Idaho 16 in Payette and Gem counties.

The project will launch with crews milling highway approaches, the ITD said.

Here's what the project will entail:

• About 12 miles of Idaho 52 will receive a SAFLEA (Stress Absorbing Fiberglass Layer with Emulsified Asphalt) treatment, which is a seal coat with a layer of chopped glass fibers between the oil and gravel aggregates to enhance durability and reduce cracking.

• The SAFLEA will be followed by about two inches of hot mix asphalt.

• Four additional miles of Idaho 52, and one mile of Idaho 16, will follow suit with an HMA application as well.

• The SAFLEA and paving is expected to start July 29.

• Crews also will perform approximately 100 feet of guardrail upgrades near canal and irrigation structures, improve a half-dozen pedestrian ramps to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and upgrade a trio of traffic signals near Emmett to video-detection units.

• The intersections at Washington Avenue, South Johns Avenue and Substation Road will be upgraded from loop-detection systems imbedded in the pavement near the Stop Bar.

• The Hamilton’s Corner intersection on Idaho 52 will be upgraded to improve visibility for drivers, with beacons affixed to the existing signs.

Crews will work a daytime schedule in the Emmett area, the ITD said. The project is expected to wrap up in late September.

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