Hello Idaho by Robert Ehlert: Facebook readers sum up Zimmerman verdict

July 18, 2013 

In Wednesday's Opinions section we dedicated a fair amount of space to local and national reaction to the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict in the case of the death of Trayvon Martin.

We had a sense Idahoans would weigh in on the tragedy no matter their viewpoint on the outcome of the wrenching trial.

Sensing you might have even more to say, Brent Boyer - a new member of the Statesman's digital team - posted those local letters on Facebook and asked our online audience to sum up their feelings about the Zimmerman verdict in "Five Words or Less."

See them all at facebook.com/idahostatesman or consider this sampler of the comments:

Jeff Grounds Why we have justice system.

Nicholas L. Taylor That's Florida for you.

Dave E. Hill Not surprised at All

Woodland Song TBM was "stalked." George pursued.

Pat Mac Cut off Florida

Whitney Rearick Despair.

Angelina Wilson Quit making this about race!

Mike Foley Innocent until proven guilty, 'Merica

Tamara Heinbach Nielsen Media over-played the race card!

Casey Joplin Tamara nailed it.

Mark Boothby It's what you make it.

Barbara Moritsch None of us were witnesses.

Dave Kanati Usti Raper Why is this still news?

Will McKinsey Prosecutors had a weak case.

Jill Kuraitis It was a travesty.

Gary Wiener Not surprised but very disappointed.

Jeff Doyle It is what it is

Mags Shaw Jury did as instructed - Not-guilty!

Ken Miracle Media hype got us here

Kerry Dunn Floridians need to change laws

Dan Siegel Kids respect all adults

Sabrina Orihuela He was just a kid.

Jessica Schultz It is about race

Angie Zimmer Not guilty doesn't mean innocent.

James Brandner Race not a factor.

Michelle Boulden MacBride Martin's parents had amazing composure.

Laurie Barrera Neighborhood watch shouldn't include GUNS

Robert Rogalsky No one knows but God.

Brian Miller Sad day for America

Bill Turner The facts are the Facts!

Bill Turner And Jessica Schultz. No it wasn't about race!

Liz Miller Bloss Heartache for the Martin family.

James Brandner Neighborhood watch better have a gun...

Scott Earle Lets talk about something else...

Michael Barr Judged by jury of peers!

Kelley Cartner Loaded guns in neighborhoods ??? Scary

Brent Bottorff Race baiting, lies, and deception.

Steve Wargo Don't really care.

Tyler Stanford Another attempt to divide, distract ...

Laura Metzler More pseudo policing to come.

Roger Dilley Only possible verdict. PERIOD

Jamie Chambers Are we not to defend ourselves?

Marti Heath They got it RIGHT.

Crystal Allen Glad I live in Idaho!

Herb Meyr Self defense . . . teen on marijuana. . .

Nancy Jo Hartman Unfortunately assumptions go both ways

Vicki Easley Need to pray for our nation!

Jon Fenn Very sad verdict. Stalker victory.

Bruce Davidson Should we let kids takeover?

Bryan Mckee The end is near !!!!!

Stefan Yarnot Case closed. Now drop it!

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